Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Goodbye October

Wearing: Jumper - New Look. Skirt - New Look. Boots - New Look. Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Company. Rings - Accessorise.
Happy Halloween!
 I'm sorry, I would show you my Halloween costume but I have no event to dress up to. This is my outfit I wore to Brighton. I love it as that cross skirt is probably one of the comfiest skirts I have ever worn. This knit is perfect, it's so comfy and I just love the crosses!
I'm sat here on a Wednesday morning of my half term procrastinating from doing my homework, I just can't bring myself to start it. Instead I am painting my nails, I swear this half term I have painted my nails so much! It's because come Monday when I go back to school I'm going to have to go back to plain boring nails. 
I have recently created myself a second twitter account that is connected to my blog. This is so I can connect with other Fashion Bloggers - usually by the hashtag #fbloggers and that I don't bore all my school friends who follow me on my personal account with lots of fashion tweets! 
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Sunday, 28 October 2012

What I've been listening to...

So I've thought for a while that I wanted to do a 'What I've been listening to...' post as I haven't shared my recent favourite artists. albums and songs in a long time. Also because I'm obviously based in England and some of you that read this blog are from the US, Russia and lots of other countries so have different artists. So I would like to introduce you to some of my favourites.

My first artist is Taylor Swift. Her new album 'Red' came out last Monday. I absolutely love her and her music, she is my ultimate girl crush. Her simple elegance in clothes is outstanding and her country based music is fabulous. Me and my sister Madeleine both love her and were lucky to be together when it came out so we got a physical copy of the Deluxe Edition. This is her most recent music video called 'Begin Again.' This is definitely one of my favourites from the album but there are plenty more such as 22, I almost do, All too well, The Lucky One and Red. I would really encourage you to buy this album of 16 songs! 

Another one of my favourite artists in Cody Simpson. I know I mention him quite a lot but his album 'Paradise' came out on October 2nd and I just love it. It has a very pop, beachy and chill feel to it which comes from his Australian upbringing. I have been recently disappointed by buying tickets for his UK concert in London but him and his manager cancelling it because Justin Bieber has asked him to support him some more on his 'Believe' tour! This is obviously such a good opportunity as Justin Bieber is, well just Justin! This is definitely one of my favourite's from my album called 'Be the One.'

 A fairly new English band called 'Lawson' have released their debut album Chapman Square also on Monday. I love it! They have had three singles since May which have done so well in the charts. I love them as they have a feel about them which is like The Script and Scouting for Girls. They are still fairly new to the music industry after years of trying to make it; their debut album charts at number 4! They're album also has a chill feeling to it although is quite emotional as most of these songs are about Andy Brown's (the main singer and songwriter) Ex-girlfriend Molly King from the Saturdays and are quite deep about love! This is their first single 'When She Was Mine.'

My Friends Vicky and Chilli know I love Taylor Swift so introduced me too Colbie Calliat. She has a lovely tune and feel to her music. I listened to all of her songs one Saturday afternoon and fell in love with them! She isn't a very new artist but that doesn't mean her songs aren't great. My favourite is 'Bubbly.'

One of my next favourite artists is Rita Ora. She has an amazing sense of fashion which I just adore. Her album 'Ora' came out near the end of August and I love it! It has a great range of different music to similar songs to RIP her debut No.1 single and then some slower ones such a 'Hello, Hi goodbye.' I do also think a part of why I like her so much is because she's going out with Rob Kardashian! Hahaa, No I really do love her music, my favourite one would have to be 'Shine Ya Light' although there are many favourites so go and check out her album!

Although there are many other artist I would like to talk about, I'll stop there! I'm going to Bath for the next couple of days which I really excited for just because I've heard it's a really lovely city and has some great shops!  I wonder is this time next year I will be writing about any of the people of Xfactor as my favourite artists, Who do you think has a chance to make it into the music industry?


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Denim Leather and London

Wearing: Shirt - Gap (Mens XL!) Skirt - Missguided. Boots - New Look. Pashmina - Some market about 10 years ago!

This is what I wore when I went to London last Friday. I am literally in love with Leather and Wet Look clothes at the moment. It's such a cool fall trend and just can come in lots of different things! For example when we went to London I wore a wet look skirt, Ella wore Wet Look leggings ( with a lovely embellished Topshop knit but she wouldn't let me have a photo!) Bryony wore a leather Jacket and Katie wore some leather shorts. I just think if you pair your piece with denim, knit or anything it will look great. I am in desperate want of a black leather jacket but have just not got round to parting with the money, I'm going shopping with my mum at the weekend so hopefully she'll treat me (dream on!)  Anyone have any good shops that sell nice ones?
I went to Brighton to stay with my sister at Uni for a few days and absolutely loved it so more pictures will be coming soon. I am now just having a day indoors wearing trackies as I'm pretty sure I've got a cough coming. I'm going to see the new James Bond movie 'SkyFall' tomorrow so that's quite exciting!

P.S What do you think of the different editing of my pictures?

Monday, 22 October 2012

Black, Moustaches and Sparkles

Wearing: Black Cab, Disco ball of Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish. Ring - Accessorize

I haven't done a Nail post in a while so I thought seeing as its half term and I can actually paint my nails I would!   I quite often go with Rimmel as it's fairly cheap and has a range of colours, usually I think it stays on quite well but after one day my nails painted black became chipped and I had to paint them again, it was quite disappointing! I also decided to go with black nail varnish for the first time just because I have seen lots of photo's and celebrities with black nail varnish on and I always think it looks quite classy. So I thought I would give it a go, especially with Halloween coming up! I always love doing something fancy on top of the plain colour so thought I would dazzle it up with sparkly nail varnish on one finger.
If you like nail art and want to be a bit more inspired go and check out my friends instagram 'BryonyRose_' she often puts photo's up of her really imaginative nail art. 
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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Half Term Happiness

Wearing: Shorts - New Look. Jumper - New Look. Shoes - New Look. Ring - Accessorize. Nail Varnish Rimmel - Black Cab and Disco Ball.

This outfit is very New Look. I didn't realise when I put it on but now going through it the staples are all from New Look. I have given in to the hope that Summer is still here and cracked out the chunky knits. Although it wasn't sad, it was very exciting! I'd forgotten over the summer how much I love wrapping up warm for winter so when i put this outfit together with very autumn blacks, greys and burgundy's I just loved it. 
I'm in such a good mood just having a relaxing day, being free from school and homework and just browsing through blogs, new music and tumlr's. I'm re-doing my tumblr so be sure to check that out soon. Please feel free to send me idea's for posts, links to your blogs and any comments!

Friday, 19 October 2012

London Autumn

Don't you just love it at Starbucks when they write your name on your cup?!
Hello, Sorry for my lack of posting, we had house drama recently and its just been so stressful getting it together! I have know broken up for a two week half term and thank god. I was so tired after that term, I so glad its over. Today I went to London with a couple of my friends from school. I just love London, the atmosphere, the shops, the streets! Annoyingly it was raining but we had a lovely day. I know this post isn't much about fashion but I love a photography post once in a while. There are plenty of pictures for you to look through so take a hot chocolate and have fun scrolling!

I just loved these fairy lights in a stall outside Covent Garden!

I just love her hair!

Standard London, Red postbox and Rainy street.

I love all the varieties of street performers!

I think this shop has some really funny pyjamas!
Hope you all enjoyed!  (outfit post coming soon!)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

1 year + Company Weekly Edit

Hello, So today I have officially have had my blog for a year! I've loved having it and updating all of you, I'm also very proud that I have actually kept it up. Thank you all for checking up my blog often and please keep coming back for more.
I thought I would share with you a really exciting new 'Weekly edit' from Company, my favourite UK fashion magazine. It is an app that  is available to buy from newstand on your Iphone/Ipad every thursday. I have just read half of this so far but I am loving it! It is only 69p per week which at first I thought was quite a lot but then I saw a 3 month subscription was £6.99 which I thought to get every week it instantly downloaded would brighten up my Thursday so I might jump on the subscription! I loved the street 'style page' and the 'listen up' page with the links to the songs on youtube. Overall I love this app and think it will make my Thursdays a whole lot better!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Celebrity Trend!

Recently I have noticed a lot of celebrities wearing Leather or 'Wet Look' skirts and loving it! I love how all these celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Lucy Hale and Cher Lloyd have pulled of the leather flippy skirt perfectly. In fact, I was so inspired that I tried one on from Miss Selfridge for £30 a couple of weeks ago and decided against it because of the price but recently found this 'Wet Look' skirt on Missguided for £13.99 + free next day delivery! So I jumped on the chacne to get yet another skirt, I'm sure I won't pull it off like Kylie Jenner and Ashley Tisdale but hopefully it will look good.
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