Sunday, 30 November 2014

Morning Haze

  Yay yay yay, an outfit post! I had a mufti day at school on Friday, hence the very very poor light of the photo's as I had to take it so early, the sun hadn't fully risen yet. But I think it actually gives the photo's quite a nice effect, a sort of soft romantic teenager angst type effect, I'm not sure, maybe I've just done too much A Level photography and am analysing photo's too much! This is why I cannot wait until next year when I go to uni when I can wear my own clothes everyday and don't have to wait for a mufti day to take outfit photos!
This is quite a special post for me as I am featuring my first item that a company has very kindly sent to me to put on my blog. I got an email from Sarah from Tales From the Earth jewellery company a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested and after searching through their website, I jumped at the chance. They centre around small things meaning a big deal, they're handcrafted silver jewellery is beautifully quaint. My bracelet has an inscirption saying 'A life filled with adventure' which I think is just the cutest little phrase, having this little message on your wrist is just an inspiring and cute thing to have. I rarely wear silver and rarely shy away from my standard gold watch and ring but it was nice wearing something different for the day. Tales from the Earth will definitely be a company I will keep in mind when thinking about Christmas or birthdays from now on!

Jumper and Shoes - New Look
Jeans - Topshop
Jacket - Crafted by Republic
Bracelet -     Tales from the Earth *
Now Reading // When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Rainy Cities, Magical Worlds and Future subjects: A General Life Ramble

Hi there, I'm back again. This blog is turning into a one post per week type blog and although I'm not really okay with that I'm just trying to juggle everything and sometimes it proves difficult. So today I thought I would go on a good old ramble about life because I haven't taken outfit posts in about 4 weeks and sometimes a ramble is just what is needed. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy...

 I'm not actually that big fan of the rain. I hate being outside in it and it generally just makes everything gloomy but sometimes I find it quite calming. There's a romantic side to the rain, it reminds me of the Taylor Swift lyric -
There's somethin' 'bout the way the street looks when it's just rained 
There's a glow off the pavement, you walk me to the car 
And you know I wanna ask you to dance right there 
In the middle of the parking lot,
 There's a sense of vulnerability if your stuck outside in the rain and a sense of strength if your shielded inside, either way I think it can be seen as as a really interesting concept. Then this photo just stood out to me because as you know I am a sucker for cities and right now I would love to be stuck inside looking out at a rainy city and all the different mix of people that would run past.

Over the past couple of weeks I've returned to the world of Hogwarts, Muggles and Butterbeer and was reminded of the fact that 'Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home' (All hail Queen Rowling.) I was instantly transported back to the world of Harry Potter and it made me feel warm inside. It was like going home to such a familiar setting, people and story. I think I almost forgot how much I love the world of Harry Potter but recently I have been fully reminded and now know that you can never fully leave it.

However much I dislike getting up at 6:13 (Yeah, I'm one of those weird alarm clock people) every weekday I know there is something worth getting up for; the transportation of the day from dark to light and being awake in that hour, I get to see most days. It's so beautiful, seeing the sun rise from a misty cloud of grey to a beaming shade of orange. And do you know what I can't wait for even more? When it is all frosty and even snowy and how the sun rays catch light of the tree branches and sparkle. It will make my mornings magical.

I'm really excited for the future (although pretty scared but that's a whole other topic!) Next September I will be packing my bags, saying goodbye to this village and going to university. I'm not sure where yet but in the past week I have got 3 offers and an interview so I am definitely going somewhere! One of the things I am most looking forward to is just studying English. Although I don't actually mind photography and history  (my two other Alevels) this photo just really excites me for when reading will be the main bulk of work I have to do. It will just be so good to just study one specific subject and not have my brain burnt out by all these various completely random other topics. I can't wait when all I study is English!

This past week I've been in bed with a nasty cough for half of it and to cure my boredom I went back to season 1 of The Vampire Diaries, and I love it even more than ever. It's just one of those shows that I will never get bored of. It captivates you, keeps you guessing and you fall in love with each character in their own way. I'm still not sure who I want Elena to be with in the end but I love watching every twist and turn in their messed up and totally unrealistic lives!

So there we go, my thoughts and random feelings at the moment. All of these images are from my tumblr so if you want more of my random feeling and thoughts head on over there for a more regular updates like this! Hopefully I will actually post soon, but I cannot make a promise to that!


Monday, 17 November 2014

New York is Always a Good Idea

Top and Necklaces - Bershka. Jeans - Forever 21. Hat - H&M.  

Throwing it back to mid-September today because my weekend was spent going to a 1st and 18th birthday party. So for many different reasons I did not get the chance to take any outfit photo's or put together any vaguely exciting posts for this week. Sunday was spent recovering by catching up on Xfactor, watching the Hunger Games with my brother who came home for the weekend and attempting to watch The Vampire Diaries; the perfect lazy Sunday! However I'm now paying the price with my work this week so once again this blog is going to have to take a back seat which annoys me but school's got to come first I suppose! I've sent my UCAS off so hopefully some offers may start to appear and that weight can be lifted off my chest!

Now Reading // Rookie Yearbook Two - It's amazing!

 P.S. The writing on this top - New York is Always a Good Idea - is like my life motto.


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Brunch at Bills

 Last Friday evening I got a spontaneous text from my friend Ella to go to brunch on Saturday morning with my friend Bryony, I obviously jumped to this as I never really say no to food and 'Bills' has just opened in Berkhamsted! Now I've never been to a Bills but have heard about it and there was a lot of happy buzz when they announced they were opening, so I was obviously eager to check it out. I got a cappuccino and the 'blueberry and buttermilk pancakes' but opted for without the banana, and they were delicious, like literally mouthwatering good!
 We then went on to go and see The Maze Runner. Now I've watched the trailer and heard a bit about this but hadn't researched it that much. Normally when I see a dystopian film based on a book I would have read the book months prior to it, however I was un-prepared and hadn't read it. So I therefore only understood what the film told us, I had no background knowledge. I found it really interesting to watch and am now, probably, 80% sure that I'm going to go and read the first book now!


Friday, 7 November 2014

Blank Space

Blouse: Asos. Jacket and Skirt: New Look. Shoes: H&M. Socks: Forever21

TGIF! I am so so thankful it's Friday, the week seemed never-ending. I don't know why though as we just had a break from school but it already seem ages ago. I suppose the novelty of being Year 13 has worn off and it's just settling into the same old routine. It's also been the stress of people talking about Uni and their offers etc buuuuut, my UCAS has been sent off! I finally sent it off this afternoon, so the waiting game starts!
One thing this week that has been a positive is dancing, on Monday night I had my normal Contemporary and Jazz classes and I'm not sure why as it was not much different to usual, but I loved them! I couldn't really stop smiling, even when in the Jazz warm-up my legs were shaking and I was completely out of breath. Then yesterday between Ballet and Modern, I took my friends Emily and Becky to drive-through MacDonald's and we ended up in one of those giggly moods where everything was funny. Weeks like this remind me why I dedicate so much time to my childhood hobby; for the rush you get whilst dancing and for the people who are there who make it just so special.
This outfit is a flashback to half term and I cannot actually remember when/ where I wore it! I think it was from this vlog when I went shopping with my mum. I felt like a schoolgirl in my knee high socks, my actual school shoes and my blouse but I'm not going to lie in saying I quite liked it!
Hope your weekend is fab, I'm going to celebrate it this evening with pizza, because why not?

Now Playing// Literally haven't listened to any other music apart from Taylor Swift's 1989 since it came out - be expecting a lot of 1989 blog post title references!



Monday, 3 November 2014

My Favourite Youtubers at the Moment

As much as I, plus many many others, enjoy watching the whole British youtube gang (Zoella, Tanya, Marcus, Jim, Alfie etc) I have been really loving some slightly smaller channels recently that I thought I would share with you. These youtubers are still very big and deserve every success that the others have had. (a whole other topic but youtubers seriously are taking over the world!) So kick back, grab a cup of coffee and watch until your heart's content.

Llymrs - Lily Melrose

I have been a reader/ subscriber to Lily's channel for a long time and I absolutely love it. She is just such a chill cool girl with an awesome fashion sense that I quite often get inspiration from. Her hair is also pretty cool, however hard I try I will never seem to get her matte messy look just right! My favourite video's from her channel would have to be her Get Ready With Me's as well as her chatty tag type videos. Seriously go and check her out for some major make-up/hair/ winged eyeliner envy.

HelloOctober - Suzie

One thing that I think of when I think of Suzie from HelloOctober is her 'Sunday post' on her blog. She always posts lovely photo's and a blog post about her chilled out Sundays. Then her video's are so great as well, her make-up is always seriously on point and hair is beautiful. Her vlogtober vlog were so chilled and relaxed and her editing skill are fab. Just another youtuber/blogger who I aspire to be like really!

InTheFrow - Victoria

The thing that I really admire about Victoria from InTheFrow is that she is a lecturer (Well, was) although she is now focusing on blogging/ vlogging full time she managed her blog, a PhD and a career as a lecturer whilst keeping up an amazing blog and youtube channel, talk about time management! Having recently been recruited by Gleam management I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing a lot more about her. Also, I never thought I would want to dye my hair purple, hers is just so beautiful that it's almost tempting!

ItsWayPastMyBedtime - Carrie Fletcher

I've known of Carries for a while but never properly watched her video's however in the last month or so I've started watching her 'Letters to Autumn' series - and I'm now obsessed. I've been watching her 'Letters to Autumn' every day and they are just so addictive, her voice is so soothing (sounds weird but you'll understand when you watch them) and her filming skill are so subtle but work so well. I'm just a little bit jealous of her life - She Eponine in the West End, Her brothers in McFly and she's obsessed with books!

So there is a few youtubers I have been loving recently, it's so nice to just kick back and watch these videos. It's something that I think some people don't understand, like they don't get how addictive youtube is and the whole impact the community has on everything at the moment. (Cheeky plug but I wrote an article on this youtube generation in my school magazine which I will link here - Also the new issue (the first one under me being Editor-in-Chief is coming out today! Very excited/nervous/scared/proud - they'll be a post on it soon)
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