Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Brunch at Bills

 Last Friday evening I got a spontaneous text from my friend Ella to go to brunch on Saturday morning with my friend Bryony, I obviously jumped to this as I never really say no to food and 'Bills' has just opened in Berkhamsted! Now I've never been to a Bills but have heard about it and there was a lot of happy buzz when they announced they were opening, so I was obviously eager to check it out. I got a cappuccino and the 'blueberry and buttermilk pancakes' but opted for without the banana, and they were delicious, like literally mouthwatering good!
 We then went on to go and see The Maze Runner. Now I've watched the trailer and heard a bit about this but hadn't researched it that much. Normally when I see a dystopian film based on a book I would have read the book months prior to it, however I was un-prepared and hadn't read it. So I therefore only understood what the film told us, I had no background knowledge. I found it really interesting to watch and am now, probably, 80% sure that I'm going to go and read the first book now!


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