Sunday, 23 November 2014

Rainy Cities, Magical Worlds and Future subjects: A General Life Ramble

Hi there, I'm back again. This blog is turning into a one post per week type blog and although I'm not really okay with that I'm just trying to juggle everything and sometimes it proves difficult. So today I thought I would go on a good old ramble about life because I haven't taken outfit posts in about 4 weeks and sometimes a ramble is just what is needed. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy...

 I'm not actually that big fan of the rain. I hate being outside in it and it generally just makes everything gloomy but sometimes I find it quite calming. There's a romantic side to the rain, it reminds me of the Taylor Swift lyric -
There's somethin' 'bout the way the street looks when it's just rained 
There's a glow off the pavement, you walk me to the car 
And you know I wanna ask you to dance right there 
In the middle of the parking lot,
 There's a sense of vulnerability if your stuck outside in the rain and a sense of strength if your shielded inside, either way I think it can be seen as as a really interesting concept. Then this photo just stood out to me because as you know I am a sucker for cities and right now I would love to be stuck inside looking out at a rainy city and all the different mix of people that would run past.

Over the past couple of weeks I've returned to the world of Hogwarts, Muggles and Butterbeer and was reminded of the fact that 'Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home' (All hail Queen Rowling.) I was instantly transported back to the world of Harry Potter and it made me feel warm inside. It was like going home to such a familiar setting, people and story. I think I almost forgot how much I love the world of Harry Potter but recently I have been fully reminded and now know that you can never fully leave it.

However much I dislike getting up at 6:13 (Yeah, I'm one of those weird alarm clock people) every weekday I know there is something worth getting up for; the transportation of the day from dark to light and being awake in that hour, I get to see most days. It's so beautiful, seeing the sun rise from a misty cloud of grey to a beaming shade of orange. And do you know what I can't wait for even more? When it is all frosty and even snowy and how the sun rays catch light of the tree branches and sparkle. It will make my mornings magical.

I'm really excited for the future (although pretty scared but that's a whole other topic!) Next September I will be packing my bags, saying goodbye to this village and going to university. I'm not sure where yet but in the past week I have got 3 offers and an interview so I am definitely going somewhere! One of the things I am most looking forward to is just studying English. Although I don't actually mind photography and history  (my two other Alevels) this photo just really excites me for when reading will be the main bulk of work I have to do. It will just be so good to just study one specific subject and not have my brain burnt out by all these various completely random other topics. I can't wait when all I study is English!

This past week I've been in bed with a nasty cough for half of it and to cure my boredom I went back to season 1 of The Vampire Diaries, and I love it even more than ever. It's just one of those shows that I will never get bored of. It captivates you, keeps you guessing and you fall in love with each character in their own way. I'm still not sure who I want Elena to be with in the end but I love watching every twist and turn in their messed up and totally unrealistic lives!

So there we go, my thoughts and random feelings at the moment. All of these images are from my tumblr so if you want more of my random feeling and thoughts head on over there for a more regular updates like this! Hopefully I will actually post soon, but I cannot make a promise to that!



  1. You write so beautifully! I love rainy cities too, that photo you chose ust holds so much promise and excitement♥

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  2. Great post!


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