Tuesday, 8 November 2016

November Catch-up

I miss writing.

But I'm a complete hypocrite.

I wish I could tell you that I've been writing in my own time. That I've been writing in my journal, that I've been writing creative ideas and noting down everything I notice about the world. But that would be a complete lie.

I've been busy with life. And I could say I haven't had the time to write it down, but in reality I haven't made time to write it down. I've been so busy that I've barely had space to breathe, and when I have had time, the last thing I want to do is read a book or put my brain to thinking.

My life at the moment is balanced (and not often an even balance) or studying my English Literature degree, working behind my student union bar and captaining a cheerleading team. And I love them all. My degree is pushing my boundaries, I'm reading books I would have never set my eyes on, I'm discussing topics that I shy away from and I'm learning so many new and exciting things. I feel cultured learning all these things that I'm starting to dread when my education finishes (although that is still a year and a half away - in the whole span of my life I've been in education, so its seeming near the end which is crazy.)
I love my job. Although it can be stressful, make me super tired, and be frustrating dealing with drunk customers. I've met so many different people through it and have felt way more involved in the community of my uni. Plus I'm saving up to go travelling next summer so there is a definite incentive behind the 3am finishes.
Cheer is amazing once again. I'm on committee this year which means I am one of the faces for the club and I am co-captaining the freshers team with another captain. It's odd having the freshers look to me for guidance when I was only in their position this time last year but already I've felt like I've gained so much from being in an authoritative role. Plus all the freshers are absolute babes and are so motivated to work hard so I know this season is going to be awesome.

I'm currently sat in a cosy coffee shop, after a day of studying and just reflecting on how much I love London and how much I love my life here. But also how much I wish I kept a documented account of my time here. So, I would lie if I said I'll try and get back into this blog soon, because I know I won't write here for a while. But, in the meantime, hopefully I'll start writing casual again and reflecting more on my life through pictures and words.
Christina x
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