Thursday, 29 August 2013

Spain Instagram Photo Diary

So I thought I would come to you today with my 'Spain Instagram Photo Diary' phew, what a mouthful. I didn't actually take that many photo's on my camera during Spain, I was too busy taking video's which will (eventually) be edited! Madeleine (My sister) and I get quite into taking photo's for out instagram so I've used a mixture from Mine and hers. We didn't actually spend that much time by the sea, we mostly sunbathed by the pool. Oh, this is making me nostalgic for a just over a week ago, Is that possible?

Madeleine's Instagram.

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P.S. Just on a side note - I do actually have a brother, he is never really featured in photo's, normally because he's taking them or just not wanting to be involved, haha - Just thought I'd say!


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Spanish Sun

Wearing: Top - New Look. Skirt - Miss Selfridge. Shoes - New Look. Sunglasses - Primark.
So today was the day, Results day! I haven't been that nervous throughout the summer but I think in the last two weeks it hit me but yesterday I was extremely nervous. Overall I got slightly better that I thought I would with grades ranging from A*'s to C's. I just can't really believe their over and I can now say I've got 10 (And a half) GCSE's! Sixth form is starting to feel a bit more real as of today I have got my suit. Yes, suit! We have to wear a navy suit! I must say that I am very jealous of my friends from dancing who get to wear their own clothes to school but oh well. We are now actually allowed to wear  jewellery,nail varnish and have our hair down so I'm very excited to experiment different styles etc.
I wore this outfit on the first meal out we went to in Spain and its two of my favourite summer floaty pieces, they both make me feel so girly. Throughout the summer my style has been rather girly but I have a feeling when we go into the Autumn ( keep on wanting to say Fall - I watch to many American youtubers!) its going to get more grungy and dark but I'm excited, I always love a slight change in style as season change. As I said I'm off to Cornwall on Saturday so I will schedule some posts - mostly Spain ones - but I'm hoping we will be able to find some wi-fi somewhere!
Well Done to anyone who got any results (GCSE's, AS or Alevel's) recently!

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Wearing: Top - Topshop, Skirt - Forever 21, Shoes - Accessorize.
This is another outfit I wore to one of the locals restaurants in Spain. I really love this topshop crop top, although I do find it very short with a skater skirt its fits quite nicely however I don't think I would wear it with anything else because it is so short! It felt like such a simple yet effective outfit which I was pleased with. Hopefully when you read this I am surfing the waves in sunny cornwall...I wonder how many things of that sentence will come true. Christina, 'Surfing'? That won't happen and 'Sunny' that's not likely in england but I'm sure I'm having a wail of a time!
(Also sorry with the shadow in these photo's - The sun  was so strong!)

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I'm backkkkk!

Christina is back on English Soil, wooop wooop. Hahaa but Yeah, I'm back from Spain! I got back yesterday morning and already miss it. I spent the last two weeks literally sunbathing and eating, it was bliss. I've got so many pictures and video's from Spain which I'm extremely excited to go through and edit.  But now I'm back and feel like I've got a hundred things to do before going to Cornwall on Saturday. E.G. Get my GCSE results (ahhhhh) Get my suit for sixth form and get my dress for my cousins wedding! My brain feels fried. 
But this video is a little montage of my two day trips to London before I went away its not much of a video but oh well, Hope you enjoy it!

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Formal Lace

Wearing: Top - Bershka, Skirt - Missguided, Shoes - New Look.
I rarely wear dressy outfits on this blog but I felt like this lace top was just so pretty that I couldn't resist to dress it up. I haven't worn my trusty wet look skater skirt for a while during summer just because I've been more attracted to more lighter colours but this skirt just fit with this top and the shoes were a given.  There all pretty simple staple pieces but together they create a cute girly outfit.

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Saturday Inspiration

I thought I would do a quick 'inspiration'  post for you whilst I am away. All these images are from pinterest and although I've been fairly absent from pinterest recently ( couldn't log in, then the app deleted itself blah blah blah) I was looking through  the various boards and some really pretty retro type pictures and some summer snaps stuck out at me so I thought I would share the beauty of them with you
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 P.S. This picture made me chuckle as this often happens to me!


Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Wearing: Jumper - Zara, Shorts - Miss Selfridge, Shoes - New Look. Lipstick - Vivo 'Pucker Red'
I don't often go for a red lip, well actually the only times I have is to go on stage for dancing but when I got this Vivo 'Pucker Red' lipsstick in the #Julylondonmeetup goody bag I was eager to try it. As this outfit is fairly plain colours I thought it would be the perfect time to try it. I've always thought you have to be uber confident to wear a red lip and suit it really well, like Rita Ora for example. But actually seeing it on I'm quite pleased with the outcome and should wear it more I think. 
Recently I've been loving Isabella's laid back casual denim looks so was inspired to try it out. I've had this jumper for a while and have always been a bit stuck on what to wear it with but I think with these denim shorts which are fairly short it balances out the amount of skin shown and looks cute!

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Building Excitement

Wearing: Top and Shoes - New Look. Dungarees - Missguided. Backpack - Primark.
I feel quite like a 5 year old in this outfit. I think its how plain the purple top is, obviously the dungarees and the backpack adds to it. This aztec backpack (backpack/rucksack whatever you wanna call it) from Primark will be perfect as a summer bag to take as handluggae on my flight or to carry all my essentials for the beach plus the round base and the pattern is pretty darn cute.  I spent another day in London yesterday in Westfield to see The Vamps. Who were really good and made it a lovely evening in London with my friend Bryony.  
This is my last post before I jet off to Spain on Monday ( hence the title of this post!) I don't think I will get any wi-fi throughout my two-week holiday but don't fret as I have plenty of posts lined up, however I'm sure if I do get wi-fi a sneaky Instagram picture will go up so keep an I on it. See you sooon!

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Precious Moments

Wearing: Top - Topshop, Skirt - Miss Selfridge, Shoes - Primark, Bag - New Look.
I've had such a lovely day today, I spent the day in London. For my photography course next year I need to complete a 'journal' documenting some museum trips so my mum and I wondered around London. The main museum we went to was the Tate Modern, which was pretty interesting and I'm nt gunna lie in saying I felt 'cultured' afterwards (AKA half of the stuff I didn't really get how it was art - abstract and scultures ect!) But it was absolutely boiling so a walk along the thames was lovely. These aren't proper outfit photos because we were too hot but I wanted to show you my new skirt which I am in love with. It's from Miss Selfridge and is such a light material that was perfect in this weather and the floral is just the prettiest pattern ( hey there alliteration!)
I find it amazing that there were so many tourists around the streets who have come from goodness knows where but I just live 40 minutes away from it, it's one of those little things in life that I quite often forget how lucky I am!

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