Friday, 29 May 2015

All Over Again

Top - Forever 21. Skirt - Topshop. Shoes - H&M.

Excuse my weird posing and the multiple creases in my top, it appears that when I don't shoot outfit photo's in a while I lose the ability to shoot any nice photos. But, here's an outfit! I know it's been a long time coming but outfit posts are so difficult to keep on top of and I've become very self critical in myself and my blog posts recently that I want everything to be the best it can be. I think this happens most of the time on study leave, I spend most of my days with no make-up on, in trackies and baggy t-shirts that even when I do get dressed, the outfit normally isn't blog worthy! But on Tuesday I went on a little trip to Ikea with my mum and took advantage of the sunny-ish weather to wear two of my new summer pieces. I am obsessed with any white clothes at the moment and this top is very high on my favourite lists. I haven't been too sure what to pair this A-line denim skirt with but it pairs well with this floaty crop top. Then I dug out my platforms from last summer to complete this monochrome look. Although I was a little too optimistic and had to wear a knit cardigan with it to Ikea!

Yesterday was such a good day, I had day one of All England Regional Finals which is the semi-finals of a big dance competition that we have been working towards the past two years. And two of our groups came 1st and qualified for the finals in London! So it was a day filled with anticipation and a lot of nerves but ended in complete happiness!
Hope your week has been good and you have a fun weekend planned - I'm going out for dinner with my friends tonight then at the dance competition all weekend, so excuse the multiple Instagrams that I'm sure will happen!

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Monday, 25 May 2015

3 reasons why Beautycon London was so inspiring

I feel so motivated. I want to do my best, I want to pour my heart into my blog and I want to feel proud of the content I have created.

I went to Beautycon over the weekend and it was amazing, I met so many great people and listened to some really interesting panels that I feel so inspired with my blog, and here's why - 

1. Being surrounded by like-minded people.
My friends understand that I love blogging and the internet etc, and even my family get it - but I'm not sure they fully understand it. But, being at Beautycon felt like I was surrounded by people who truly understand the blogging/vlogging community. Yes, we could freak out that the bloggers that we watch and read everyday were right in front of us but we could also listen to what they were saying during the panels and learn from it. When I asked the not so simple question of 'Twitter or Instagram?' to Lily Pebbles, Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup, Lucy and Lydia and Sammi from the Beauty Crush they all reacted in a way that I would - completely stuck but decided on Instagram because of the visual elements and creativity. It was just amazing to be surrounded by people like that, and reminded me why going to events isn't scary, but fun!

2. Making a career out of a hobby.
Now when I started this blog, I wanted to be a journalist. And, part of me still does, but another part of me wonders if I could make a career out of this blog. Obviously this blog doesn't have a wide readership and is just a hobby and will be of the next three years but a tiny niggle in the back of my brain says, if these women did it, why can't I? Reading people like Suzie from Hello October and Zoe from ZoeLondon blog's everyday, then meeting them in person just made it clearer to me that these women are normal human beings who have worked incredibly hard to be where they are today! And seeing that has motivated me to try my best and make this blog the best it can be!

3. Everyone is unique.
The blogging world is huge, there is no denying that, and quite often it feels like your just the same as everybody else and cannot come up with original content. But, from listening to the panels I started to understand something - everyone is different. Everyone approaches their content differently, everyone is better at a specific part of a blog whether it be the writing, the photographing or the promoting, and it doesn't matter that the blogging world is so big. It was tempting to think that at Beautycon there was just multiple people who are exactly like me - but, yes, they're similar - but no-one can blog the same. Everyone runs their blog for a different reason, everyone has different aims for running their blog, everyone is different but everyone loves blogging and that's the thing that connects us all!

After a crazy busy weekend I am stuck revising and preparing for a big dance competition at the end of the week so make sure to follow me on twitter and instagram to keep up with my random daily thoughts and please, keep me entertained!

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Instagram Lately #5

The longer I stay away from blogging and the blogging world, the harder I find it is to return. I've had an unplanned three week absence from my blog and yes, that annoys me, but I have been so caught up in everyday life that my blog just had to take a back seat. I had three weeks back at school and they were full of ups and downs - it was weird, it was the last stretch of school yet I found it almost the most challenging. I felt like I was already done with it, that I was done with the everyday routine, I was done with some of the people and I was done with the lessons. My weekend's were filled with dance competitions and my weeks with photography and exam prep. But last week was my last week at school and it was fab - it was bittersweet. My last day on Friday consisted of a car hide and seek, yearbook awards (which I won most likely to be a youtube sensation, ha), a barbecue, a rodeo bull, a waterfight, and a night out with loads of my school year - it was perfect! 

And now I'm on study leave which means my life revolves around revision and dancing which I'm actually okay with. I've still got quite a while until my last two exams so I'm fairly chilled and the stress hasn't started yet! 
Sorry for being absent over most social media sights the past few weeks but being on study leave should help me get back into the swing of things! 

Hope everyone is having a good week - and good luck with any exams that you have!

Now Reading // I've read so many Young Adult books in the past few weeks that I might do a blog post about them!
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