Sunday, 28 September 2014

Instagram Lately #3

Sunday morning reading magazines and drinking coffee // An autumnal cosy outfit I wore last weekend to Leicester open day // Bryony and I before a party // Flashback to Chicago // My siblings and I before a family party // My outfit and a coffee early on a Saturday morning before going to Birmingham open day // A group of my friends before a party - surprisingly it wasn't black and white themed! // A selfie with my new top, hat and necklaces before Southampton open day // Flashback to Chicago.

A little montage of my life  through the lens from the last few weeks, hopefully you can see that apart from school I have been super busy with multiple university open days (lets not talk about it, bit of a stressful subject) multiple party's (I know, that social life I told you I had) ands drinking lots of coffee(It's just inevitable.) Therefore although I desperately want to apologise for my break as the guilt feels like it is literally eating me up inside I actually have an excuse for not posting - life!
It's just all caught up to me and I'm not going to lie, it is pretty darn fab at the moment. Being in the last year of school I feel like everyone in my year just has the feeling of 'hey, lets make the most of it' and be happy.' Not sure if that is just me, but apart from the work that I'm already struggling to keep up with, life is good. 
This is the first weekend in a while when I'm not going to an open day so yesterday I had a work day and today I'm going shopping then to a dance competition. So hopefully the shop will bring me back load of inspirations of future posts and outfits so we won't have to have this horrid long break!

P.S. Oh, and I also failed my driving test this week, so that wasn't that great.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


 Top, Bag and Shoes - New Look. Shorts - Topshop. Kimono - H&M.

14 days! 14 days I haven't posted in. And I am ashamed to admit it but I don't have some long-winded profound apology for my lack of presence on the blog, all I have is my moaning about school taking up a surprising amount of time that I have been either working or just too tired to write. Plus I have actually been having a little bit of a social life ( a shocker, I know! )
But once again, because I can't seem to get over a trip that happened a month ago - here's another flashback to Chicago! This one, shot by The Bean - All I think about is The Vow.  Now I really wish I had this kimono earlier on in the summer because I just felt so powerful and free wearing it, like no-one could tell me wrong. It's weird isn't it, the sense of security and empowerment you can get from once piece of clothing? Baffling, I know. But it is a Tuesday night and I have had a very unproductive evening with another attempt at a personal statement and one paragraph of an essay being written so excuse me for my deep thoughts on one piece of material. Enough of my babbling, hopefully I will be back permanently soon possibly even with some recent and up to date outfit posts!

Now Playing // Photograph by Ed Sheeran
Now Reading // The Lovely Bones - so freaky but so hauntingly good.


Monday, 1 September 2014

Heart Like Yours

 Top and Shirts - Topshop. Shoes and Backpack - New Look.

I'm having a love affair with stripes.
But yeah, this is another outfit from Chicago, probably one of my favourites. I felt a mixture of Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe - the mix of stripes with the red lipstick just once again seemed to have this classic-y/retro vibe. I wore this on my first full day to Chicago, I think (it's all a bit of a blur) we went to the zoo, went up the Willis tower, had a drink by the water and just explored the city. Once again, wishing I was back there.
Summer is officially over for me as I went back to school today ready to start my final year of school! It's so odd and a bit surreal that I'm in the oldest year at the school and it's my last one, if I think of all movies like Grease and High School Musical (?!) where they graduate, I can't believe refuse to believe that that is me!

Can we just talk about If I Stay?! Pure perfection amongst a waterfall of tears.
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