Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Summer Reading List

If you've watched my '20 facts about me' video you would have seen that - I Love to read!  I just think that there is something special about getting lost in a book and so invested in someone else's life that you get completely taken away from real life. Especially by the pool whilst getting a tan! So today as the rain ruined my plan  to take outfit photo's this morning I thought I would share with you my summer reading list. I've actually read most of these over the last few months but if I hadn't read them, this would be my perfect selection to take to Spain!

One Day - David Nicholls
Moonglass - Jessi Kirby 
The Selection - Kiera Cass
The Elite - Kiera Cass 
The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen
Summer and the City - Candace Bushnell
The Great Gatsby - F.Scott Fitzgerald
The Fault in our Stars - John Greeen
Divergent - Veronic Roth
Struck by Lightning - Chris Colfer

So there we go, that is my ideal summer reading list for 2013. There probably should be a few more of my holiday homework books on there but...oh well! I'm sure I'll be re-reading a few of these whilst sunbathing by the pool in Spain - as you can tell I'm beyond excited for it!

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Typically British

 Wearing: Top - Forever 21. Shoes - Accessorize. Bandeau - New Look. Shorts - DIY.

Today I felt typically British. I spent a day watching my Brother's cricket match with the 'local team.' Normally my sister and I go to the cricket when its sunny to sunbathe to support my brother, have a coke, have a walk round the boundary and go home all within half an hour. But today my mum was doing the tea so  naturally we were roped in as well. This morning the kitchen looked like a bombsite with bread and various sandwich fillings everywhere but a couple hours later the tea was packed and went down well with the players. To be honest, I don't know why I'm talking about cricket in a blog post as it is a common (boring) subject at the dinner table so lets talk about my outfit! On Tuesday I was in a 'DIY mood' so I cut up old jeans, sewed some lace on and made some rips and came out with (although I say it myself) cute and girly shorts which I am very excited to wear in Spain...! I leave a week on Monday and am very very excited!

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer Dreaming

 Wearing - Dress (worn as skirt) - Topshop. Jumper - Republic.
I thought I better rip myself away from Pretty Little Liars to come to you with an outfit post! I have started watching Pretty Little Liars again so I can catch up as I started watching it when it was first released but stopped after the first series after being too freaked by it (Yes, Christina is a wimp and was scared of it!) But I'm now near the beginning of season 3 and am hooked on to it. 
This topshop dress, as you now is one of my favourite pieces this summer then this grey jumper is an essential that I wear a lot so put together I just think its such a casual and comfy outfit that I will be wearing alot in the cooler summer evenings.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

20 Facts about Me!

I find it almost hard to believe how long I've been absent from the 'Blogosphere' especially when I'm not even at school. But Ive had an important dance show at the weekend which caused every day last week to have the same routine: Get up, watch Pretty Little Liars whilst sewing costumes, go to my dance school at about 4 and leave shattered at about 10. So it left me little time to shoot outfit posts, let alone write blog posts. I am extremely sad it is over as we worked towards it for such a long time but on a positive side it does mean I get to get back into blogging etc! I thought my first post back would be a video! I was very nervous to shoot this video and it took me about half an hour to actually start talking to the camera but in the end I'm pretty proud of how it turned out!

Last Thursday I had a great surprise as I was picked at Teen Vogue's 'Reader Look of the Day!' You can see what I said here.

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Happy as the Sun

I wore this  (all New Look!) outfit on a trip to London with Madeleine. We had initially planned to have a wonder around some museums like the V&A etc before going off to watch my friend perform in a dance show. However we could not miss the opportunity of the lovely weather so decided to go and sunbathe whilst soaking up the London atmosphere in Regents Park. We walked about half an hour into Regents Park (It's massive!) and came to a lovely view of the lake, although we desperately wanted to go on a pedalo we did not have time so ended up lying peacefully at the side of the lake whilst reading our books. We then went  Pizza Express, let me tell you - whenever I go to pizza express I always, I repeat ALWAYS get a 'Fiorentina' pizza but the sun obviously got to me and I went for a Salad! I was very shocked but really enjoyed it. We then power walked to my friends show whilst passing pubs which had groups of people cheering, obviously watching the tennis. I got up BBC Sports and was frantically refreshing the page to see about Andy Murray, I was extremely happy when he won and the car who beeped their horn obviously was too! 
It was a great chilled summer day, it reminded me of just how much I love London!

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Country Lovin'

Wearing: Top - Forever 21. Shorts + Bandeau - New look.
I cannot believe I'm actually in England. It is so warm! I sunbathed earlier and wasn't cold or anything, I'm even hoping I got a slight tan! I love this outfit. The shorts and just so cute and girly, a great purchase from the end of last summer. Then this top from Forever 21 is just so useful, it goes with anything. Then the detail on the back adds a little extra. It can be dressed up with a skirt, or thrown over a bikini or wore casual like this with shorts, its so versatile!
I'm very excited for tomorrow because not only is it going incredibly warm and sunny I am going to relax in a park in London and soak up the london summer atmosphere, then go to Pizza Express and watch a dance show of my friend. It sounds like a perfect day!
I'm trying to get more organised with my blog recently (I've even got a notebook!) and hope to post on regular days and even post a video to my youtube every week or so. So make sure your subscribed and following all my media accounts to keep up to date!

P.S How Beautiful is this setting?

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

#LDNBloggersparty - Outfit

Wearing: Top - Primark. Skirt - Forever 21. Sandals - New Look. Sunglasses - Primark. Lipstick - Rimmel - Drop of Sherry.
This morning when the recent issue of Company Magazine came through my door I was thrilled and then when I saw the beautiful Hailee Steinfeld gracing the cover I was so excited that I actually could have screamed. Unfortunately I had to control my excitement and scream as we have decorators in to decorate my brother and sister's room and I think they would have been a bit startled. But I am honestly so looking forward to reading Hailee's interview and analysing everything in the magazine this afternoon.  
This outfit is what I wore to #LDNbloggersparty (see that post here.) I was very stuck on choosing what to wear as through the tweets on twitter I gathered people were dressing up a bit and even contemplating wearing heels. But I just couldn't deal with traipsing through London in heels, or a dress so I opted for this handy Forever 21 skirt which I just can stop wearing and my Primark top with the neck details I though spiced the outfit up a bit. These sandals, well, what can I say? I love them. ( First of all don't judge me on my horrid feet - I'm a dancer!) When I had been thinking about what summer shoe I wanted I pictured the white flatforms from Topshop but when I stumbled across these in New Look and tried them on to be a perfect fit I just couldn't say no. They are the perfect monochrome combination with studs and twists in the leather to let of a bit of a western vibe. Overall I felt this outfit to be the comfiest and convenient outfit to wear to my very first blogging event.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013


On Saturday morning I ventured down to London for the #LDNBloggersparty with butterflies in my stomach.  It was my first blogging event and first time meeting up with any fellow bloggers which i meant I was super nervous but also extremely excited. I met up with Ellie, Islay and Amy beforehand to do some browsing along Oxford Street and have a proper bloggy experience, have cupcakes! Although the actual cupcakes and service was a bit disappointing we managed to stay there for an hour just chatting about blog things! 
We then went on to the event which had a sudden change of venue an hour or so before but luckily we had Islay and her trusty Iphone map to guide us there! The event itself was very surreal but so lovely. As soon as we got there we queued up to get cocktails (although for me it was just water!) and started mingling. I met some lovely bloggers such as Amy (another one!) Libby, Victoria. After the event we were very hungry and eager to look at our amazing goody bags so went to Ed's 'easy' Diner and enjoyed a delicious burger.  The day couldn't of gone down without a few mishaps such as Ellie spilling her cocktail down her shirt, me almost getting on the wrong tube and almost getting stuck in the crowd for the Gay pride!
It was an amazing first blogger event, thank you Scarlett for organising it!
(I started the day taking a few photo's and videos but once I got into the event I got distracted so I apologise for the lack of photo's but check out Islay's vlog and Amy's vlog down below.)

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