Saturday, 29 March 2014

High Hopes

Wearing: Jumper - Misguided. Jeans - Forever 21. Shoes - Office.
And, I'm back. Well, for the moment! Sorry I've been MIA from the blog for a while, I feel like I have been drowning under school work and preparations for dance exams. I know I shouldn't complain but I'm just going to do it to explain what I've been doing with my life; school is getting very on top of me, everyday they remind us that we don't have many weeks left before exams, especially for photography - the work seems never-ending! Plus I've got some major dance exams coming up - I've got my Ballet this week (ahhhh) and then Modern and Tap at the beginning of May. So if I do get any spare time between school and dancing, I sleep!
Also, some extremely exciting news, I have become Editor-in-Chief of my school magazine Ink!

I feel like I haven't done an outfit post in forever. Which kind of upsets me as although I'm trying to showcase my writing and shiz I don't want to lose my original focus. I ordered this blue jumper from Misguided two weeks ago in preparation for mufti day and was lucky to be able to snap these pictures before leaving for school (hence why the lighting is a little odd - It was pretty early in the morning.) I really like the tapered baggy effect it has, the blue pastel colour is perfect for a little transition into spring.
I am falling asleep at the keyboard as I type this and it's only early evening so I better stop rambling buuut - I've had a few little confidence boosts over the past couple of weeks; my position at editor, a girl at school telling me how much she admired my blog and hitting over 150 followers! So although I haven't been blogging that regularly I would just like to say how much I love my little corner of the Internet and hope that it can continue to grow with me like it has over the past years!
Also - I'm going to Russia on a school trip at the end of week! Hoping to squeeze in another post but be aware, I could be even more MIA from the internet world soon depending on Wifi etc!

Now reading - I've finally finished Emma and actually really enjoyed it. I've now moved onto The Book Thief in the hope of reading it then watching the film, at the moment it seems really interesting and the narrative being death is different but very exciting!
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Sunday, 16 March 2014

New ways for Inspiration...

 I have always played with the idea of printing out all my blog posts or my tumblr posts and putting them together in a book. It would just be so cool to have my blog printed out and in book form. Then from reading a couple of articles about journalling and the different types of journalling I had an idea, why don't I create my tumblr in a notepad? So therefor I traipsed down to Smiths just over a month ago and purchased a small plan sketchpad. I mostly update this on Sunday evenings when my sister and mum watch Call the Midwife and I go to hibernate in my room to collect myself together before the week begins (and before Mr Selfridge begins!) So I print off various photo's that I love from tumblr along with some quotes from books and people. Sometimes I write some in, other's I stick. A couple of pages have ended up as just fangirling over Alexa Chung, others dreaming about New York and others wondering how people see me. At first I hadn't planned to share this with anyone, it was going to be my own little secret but then during conversation with two of my best friends Ella and Bryony I somehow got it out and showed them. It got such a positive reaction from them and then my sister when I showed her that I thought I might as well share it here. I just find it a really calming and productive thing to do when I'm a little bored, stuck for inspiration or stressed out. 
What do you do to gain inspiration? Do you keep a journal?

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 (Sorry, I had some trouble with scheduling posts etc so have had to repost this post today!)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Ink Magazine...

Currently : 
  • Supposed to be doing my English coursework (I've written 453 words, that's a start, right?)
  • Supposed to be at dancing (not there to do my English coursework...I've also badly bruised my knee's from a dance competition this weekend)
  • Getting distracted reading Rookie...

However I thought I would do a quick post to let you know about my school magazine, Ink. I know this is a bit random but I have written an article about Youtube and how it's just fab and would love it if you could check it out. I'm really proud to be a part of this online magazine as it has just such a range of articles and information. So yeah, please read it? Thanks bud. 


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Recent Outfit Grids...

 'Outfit grids' have slowly been making their way into the blogging world for bloggers to shoot outfits or ideas for outfit when they A) Can't be bothered to get out of their pyjama's/their bed B) When their mkaeu-up and hair isn;t going to plan or C) When the weather is absolutely disgusting and any form of photo's would be horrific.
I choose C.
The weather this sunday was disgusting. I had planned a big fashion shoot in the woods for my photography (also to shoot a cheeky outfit post) but because of the rain and dark grey sky I couldn't do it. Therefor meaning I am going be two week's behind in my photography schedule but was I was more dissapointed about was being unable to shoot one of my new pieces from Forever 21. Obviously, I need to get my priorites straight. (I think Jordan is rubbing off on me - I'm doing Harry Potter references in my blog posts!) I travelled to London on Saturday to go and get some new pointe shoes from the Covent Garden Bloch shop and ended up going to Forever 21 with my mum. I've got a 'school formal' meal thing coming up as well as a few parties so I was on the hunt for something to wear. And I came out with three!
My first one is the most casual of the three. A thin polka dot skater dress with a cut out bit of lace. It fits perfectly and can either be dressed up or down. I decided to be a bit in between and make it more casual by pairing it with my New Look denim jacket and my wedged trainers. It's quite a spring outfit but I figure I can wear sheer tights if needed.
My second one is also quite a spring/summer outfit. I have wanted a playsuit for a while and I am delighted that I came across this one. They are such versatile pieces that once again - can be dresses up or down. I dresses it up here with these shoes from Boohooo and watch from Asos. But it could be easily dressed down being worn under s knit jumper with tights.
I'm now off to a dance competition as well as trying to complete the mammoth amount of homwork I have. Have a good weekend!

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Being inspired...

Lately, I’m questioning the way my blog is going. I’ve expanded the amount and different types of blog I read. I used to always just read fashion blogs, where outfit posts were the main content. However I have recently starting reading more lifestyle and journal type posts,  as well as reading lots of different magazines from the usual circuit. From these I’ve been inspired to try and expand and improve my writing. It has also become a realisation that applying for Uni is just around the corner and looking at the different English courses there is on offer I’ve realised that it is extremely competitive and if I want to be the best I can be I need to start challenging myself by my writing.  For example, since the beginning of 2014 I have made it my aim to write in my journal every other day and I’ve started doing some more picture-y journaling inspired by some of my favourite quotes. And it has recently hit me that why don’t I share some of this on my blog? Why don’t I try and improve my writing skill through this platform I already have? 

I’ve known for a while that my blog is still developing into something I want it to be but I think I need to improve my variety and explanation of posts. Of course I will still post lots and lots about fashion but I can only post so much, as I only have a limited amount of clothes! This  will take more time and effort and with everything else going on at the moment (Dance exams, school stress) the posts might be less regular. But I need to continue this balance that I had sorted out at the beginning of the year so please just bear with me. Stick around because hopefully this development will make my blog a whole lot better!

This was a very spontaneous post and I feel quite nervous posting it! I also don't have a clue how this photo is related to it but I couldn't have a picture-less post now, could I?

Now Reading - I'm actually getting quite involved in Jane Austen's Emma, I'm a 1/3 of the way through it!


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Into the Woods

Wearing: Jumper - Berkshka. Top (collar shown) and dress - Forever 21. Boots - Office.
 You can tell I'm back at school can't you? I go MIA from the blog for a week! The beginning of this year I was pleased with how much I updated, I scheduled posts most weekends; This did make me feel slightly disconnected from my blog but it kept it updated and I think that's an important factor. However I was not prepared at all for this week. We got our mock results back (which I was pleasantly surprised with!) went through them and then dived straight back into normal work! So I'm already snowed under with classics essay and photography work. Also, where has the year gone? I can not believe it's March already!
I went to take some photo's for photography in the woods near to my house and came across this lovely pond amongst all the tree's. The setting was really beautiful I felt like I was in some whimsical fairytale. The sun was shining which created lovely reflections in the water and the different earthy colours around from the leaves and the bark created such a peaceful feel. I'm going back there tomorrow to take some fashion photography shoots inspired by Boo George of my friend Scarlett.  I think there will eventually be a post up about him/ the photos as he has really inspired me!
I'm off today to have a driving lesson them pop to Covent Garden to get some pointe shoes and then maybe a cheeky trip into Topshop and Forever 21!

Now Reading - Waiting impatiently for my recent issue of Teen Vogue to come...

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