Saturday, 29 March 2014

High Hopes

Wearing: Jumper - Misguided. Jeans - Forever 21. Shoes - Office.
And, I'm back. Well, for the moment! Sorry I've been MIA from the blog for a while, I feel like I have been drowning under school work and preparations for dance exams. I know I shouldn't complain but I'm just going to do it to explain what I've been doing with my life; school is getting very on top of me, everyday they remind us that we don't have many weeks left before exams, especially for photography - the work seems never-ending! Plus I've got some major dance exams coming up - I've got my Ballet this week (ahhhh) and then Modern and Tap at the beginning of May. So if I do get any spare time between school and dancing, I sleep!
Also, some extremely exciting news, I have become Editor-in-Chief of my school magazine Ink!

I feel like I haven't done an outfit post in forever. Which kind of upsets me as although I'm trying to showcase my writing and shiz I don't want to lose my original focus. I ordered this blue jumper from Misguided two weeks ago in preparation for mufti day and was lucky to be able to snap these pictures before leaving for school (hence why the lighting is a little odd - It was pretty early in the morning.) I really like the tapered baggy effect it has, the blue pastel colour is perfect for a little transition into spring.
I am falling asleep at the keyboard as I type this and it's only early evening so I better stop rambling buuut - I've had a few little confidence boosts over the past couple of weeks; my position at editor, a girl at school telling me how much she admired my blog and hitting over 150 followers! So although I haven't been blogging that regularly I would just like to say how much I love my little corner of the Internet and hope that it can continue to grow with me like it has over the past years!
Also - I'm going to Russia on a school trip at the end of week! Hoping to squeeze in another post but be aware, I could be even more MIA from the internet world soon depending on Wifi etc!

Now reading - I've finally finished Emma and actually really enjoyed it. I've now moved onto The Book Thief in the hope of reading it then watching the film, at the moment it seems really interesting and the narrative being death is different but very exciting!
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  1. Good luck on your dance exam! I have my ballet one next week and I'm so nervous ahhh! But you're gonna be great, I'm sure!

    (also love the outfit)

  2. Good luck with all of your exams! I love Austen's Emma - did you enjoy it? The Book Thief is also amazing but I'm too scared to see the film because I think it'll ruin the book for me! The film is meant to be really overly soppy which the book is not, so i'm not sure. Enjoy it though :)


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