Saturday, 1 March 2014

Into the Woods

Wearing: Jumper - Berkshka. Top (collar shown) and dress - Forever 21. Boots - Office.
 You can tell I'm back at school can't you? I go MIA from the blog for a week! The beginning of this year I was pleased with how much I updated, I scheduled posts most weekends; This did make me feel slightly disconnected from my blog but it kept it updated and I think that's an important factor. However I was not prepared at all for this week. We got our mock results back (which I was pleasantly surprised with!) went through them and then dived straight back into normal work! So I'm already snowed under with classics essay and photography work. Also, where has the year gone? I can not believe it's March already!
I went to take some photo's for photography in the woods near to my house and came across this lovely pond amongst all the tree's. The setting was really beautiful I felt like I was in some whimsical fairytale. The sun was shining which created lovely reflections in the water and the different earthy colours around from the leaves and the bark created such a peaceful feel. I'm going back there tomorrow to take some fashion photography shoots inspired by Boo George of my friend Scarlett.  I think there will eventually be a post up about him/ the photos as he has really inspired me!
I'm off today to have a driving lesson them pop to Covent Garden to get some pointe shoes and then maybe a cheeky trip into Topshop and Forever 21!

Now Reading - Waiting impatiently for my recent issue of Teen Vogue to come...



  1. I love this outfit! + The setting is so pretty :) x

  2. Love these photos, the woods always look beautiful! Love your dress and jumper combination!

  3. Lovely pictures and I love the outfit :) Gisforgingers xx


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