Saturday, 29 June 2013

Happy Scoliosis Awareness Day!

Happy Scoliosis Awareness Day! 
Today I come to you with a fairly different post than normal. Today(June 29th) is Scoliosis Awareness day. You might be like me 3 years ago who didn't  have a clue what ‘scoliosis’was so read on to find out!

 So in August 2010 I was diagnosed with Scoliosis; a sideways curvature of the spine, in which the spinal column can twist and alter the shape of the body. Initially I was given a brace to correct my curve  which I would wear until I was 18 but in April 2011 I found out that my curve had significantly worsened and that in summer I would have to undergo surgery. This means that I  now have two metal rods placed and fused together on either side of my spine to correct it. This image shows an X-ray of my back before and after the surgery. This July marks 2 years since my surgery and although my recovery was not always plain sailing I am now a completely normal sixteen year old girl!

I started this blog in the months after my surgery when I was bored in the evening as I could not go to my dance classes so it actually turned out for the better as it has stopped me wearing a brace for ages,  corrected the curve and made me find the wonderful world of fashion blogging!

So I know this has gone pretttty deep but my wonderful sister has challenged herself to run the British London 10K run for the Scoliosis Campaign Fund on July 14th. As a family we are not that keen on running (apart from my dad - she is now the 'Favourite child' with him) so this is incredibly random but lovely of my sister to do.
This post was done just to increase knowledge of Scoliosis and of the Scoliosis Campaign Fund. Although I was not aware of this charity at the time of my surgery they aim to provide advice, support and information to people wiht scoliosis and raise awareness to the general public. Although initially my family and I were unaware of Scoliosis we became to realise it was not as rare as we initially thought.
 I know, I know this post was a lot of writing with some deep bit but I appreciate if you read this all and hope you will join me in cheering my sister on in her run, Go Madeleine! (because that wasn't cheesy at all...)

Fun Fact: Usain Bolt, Shailene Woodley, Lourdes Leon, Kurt Cobain, Stacey Lewis and Princess Eugenie have all had Scoliosis!
Bloggers who have been affected by Scoliosis: LucyHollyShona.
Check out the Scoliosis Campaign Fund website here.  and My sisters run page here.


Monday, 24 June 2013

Floral Feels

Dress - Topshop.Shoes - New Look.

Hold up, Christina's blogging on a Monday...Morning?! This rarely happens so y'all better be grateful. But seriously these photo's were taken a while ago and were snapped very quickly so I don't think they capture the beauty of this dress. Although Topshop is all the rage I rarely buy anything from it just because its normally pretty expensive etc but when this dress caught my eye whilst shopping in Brighton I had to try it on. It is the perfect summer dress. It fits well, has a good length and the mixture of lace on the bodice compared to the flowers is just perfect. I decided to keep the styling of this dress simple in attempt to capture the simple element of this dress.
I've got a range of different posts coming up in the next couple of weeks to try and convey myself and personality to my lovely readers a bit more. As well as my first blogging event on Saturday which I am extremely excited/nervous/excited about, I still haven't decided what to wear!

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Finally Summers here, Good to be Chilling out

Done on Polyvore
It was just necessary for me to have the title of this blog post as lyrics from HSM2 because...SUMMERS HERE. I had my last horrid GCSE exam today, it was Latin and I'm not entirely sure how it went because I was too distracted with the thought of summer but ohhhhh well. I am beyond excited that exams are over because they were just dragged over such a long period of time. I feel I should apologise for my lack of blogging in the last month or so but exams just had to be done. But, I'm back and thought I would start out with a type of summer wish list. Basically for summer all I want is crop tops, bows and flatform sandals. I have just spotted the irony of the title of this blog post and the fact it says 'Wildcats' on the red crop top, how funny. Anyway once again I'm quite hyper in a post, hope you've understood by babbling!

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Spring into Summer

 Wearing: Shorts- Forever 21. Jumper - Republic. Shoes - New Look. Sunglasses - Accessorize.
I cannot wait for the summer nights. Where it's a bit chilly but still warm enough to be in shorts and you can just stay outside talking, laughing or just being silly dancing as my sister and I probably would until late evening. When the next day seems miles away. Where you don't have anything planned for the next day but you're excited because you know that you've got a whole summer ahead of care-free days. 
Anyway, I still have two more weeks until that's me, everyone's counting down how many exams they have left '...2,4,3' and then there's me along with other people who chose to do Latin with 6 left. I have two massive set texts I need to know off by heart for that exam. But lets not dwell on that because...WE HAVE SUN. It was so lovely to revise whilst lounging on the trampoline and attempting to get a tan (and not burn like I did yesterday!)
I was very excited to style these shorts from Forever 21 as they are just so cute and girly and a gorgeous coral colour which I decided to dim down with this jumper from Republic that I got a couple of years a go. This outfit was so comfy and convenient for the weather, I was a big fan! 
I'm quite hyper as I write this, not too sure why but oh well, you got a lot of writing for once!

Are you excited for late summer evenings? How would you style these shorts?
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Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer Haul!

So I thought I would do a 'Haul' post today, these posts are probably better to do by video but I decided why not have a challenge by using pictures? These are different things I got after a order from Forever 21 (If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen them a while ago) and also from a shopping trip with my sister. 

Skirt - Miss Selfridge. As you saw on my latest post I won't go on about how much I love it.

 I was so lucky when I grabbed this dress from Topshop. I am in need of summer dresses as I have grown out of the couple I had last year. This one is such a perfect fit and has some delicate lace.

 These lace shorts were from Forever 21 and were such a reasonable price, The colour is a beautiful coral and the lace is just exciting and femine. You can dress these down or make them casual, I was very happy with these versatile shorts.

 This cute little crop top is perfect for summer. It was a good price from New Look and can be worn with high-waisted shorts, dungarees/pinafores and skater skirts. It's a perfect versatile top for summer.

 This light top is from forever 21. I is just a plain white t-shirt but the lacing on the back makes it special, It goes with the white trend of summer and is a perfect light-weight material.
Last (but not least) is this casual strappy top from Forever 21 in a mint colour. This relaxed top would be great with bandeaus and jeans for a summer night.
So yeah, I love everything I've got! 
Do you like these types of post? Let me know if you have any suggestions for different posts.

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Summer Sun

Wearing: Top - Forever 21. Skirt - Miss Selfridge. Shoes - New Look. Bow - Claires
I think over the past couple of weeks I have forgotten how to stand in front of a camera for outfit posts. I finally got myself together dragging myself away from revision (sarcasm right there, I practically skipped away from it) into the first glimpse of sun and warmth we've seen in weeks to shoot this cute outfit. I've just been busy recently and haven't had much time to focus on my blog which upsets me. But, hopefully as I am on the last stretch of exams I can come bouncing back to the blogosphere!
I love this denim skirt from Miss Selfridge. It's such a handy piece of clothing that literally goes with anything and can be worn in all seasons. I love the detail of the buttons down the front giving off a bit of a western vibe but the fullness of the skirt giving a girly side. I really need to invest in some summer shoes/sandals/trainers so I can stop wearing my ankle boots which I wore all winter and are not summer shoes. I haven't worn dolly shoes in forever but whilst scowering in my mums closet I came across these which are perfect and understated for this outfit.

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