Tuesday, 31 December 2013


2013. What a Year. I wasn't going to do a 'round-up' type of post pure to the fact I posted yesterday but I've seen so many posts talking about 2013 that it feels a shame not too, so here you go - two posts in two days!
This year the memorable moments are -
  •  Everything leading up to my GCSE's, the stress but then the happiness of them being over and being extremely pleased with the outcome.
  • Performing in my dance show, it shows how far I've come since my back surgery and it was just pure fun.I love performing on stage and to do it with some of my best friends was amazing. 
  • I attended some lots of concerts - Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, The Script (where I met Danny Donague) The Vamps, The Radio 1 Teen Awards and Nina Nesbitt!
  • My Brother returning from Australia. He went in October 2012 and returned in May. When he was away it meant that at home I was an only child as my sister was off at Uni. Although I quite enjoyed some of the benefits of this having him home is much better!
  • My holiday in Spain was also a high point. It was just two weeks of relaxing and eating with my family!
  • My cousin got married at the end of summer, this was definitely a highlight because all my family came together for an unforgettable day!
  • Starting sixth form was really daunting, I had almost psyched myself out over Summer about it so the first week was incredibly scary but I now love it. And that's something I never thought I would say but I like doing subjects I actually enjoy ( no more science and maths!) and meeting new people was a positive.
  • The last few months of 2013 were the hardest as my grandma slowly went downhill and passed away a couple weeks before Christmas.
Blog related moments 
  • Being accepted as a 'Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger' and having my first post Cities in the Country published and used in a hair slideshow. Then outfit posts being published to their programme continuously throughout the year.
  • On July  11th I was picked as Teen Vogue's reader look of the day!
  •  Meeting some new blogger friends - I've attended three meet-up's throughout the year meeting Islay, Ellie and Jordan multiple times! I hope to attend even more this year as I really enjoyed meeting new people.
  • Being a part of the 'Company Collective' on Facebook.
  • Being accepted into #Accesallasos was an exciting part as it has recently become one of my favourite online shops!
  • And on the final day of 2013 I reached 100 followers on Bloglovin, this was just the cherry on top of a great year!
So Overall it has been a pretty fab year! I can only hope that 2014 equals it or exceeds it! Thanks for all your support over this past year I know my blog still isn't tip top and I haven't got a huge number of followers but I will continue this blog as it has become my pride and joy and is something I am proud of. Thank you and Happy New Year!


Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Day Outfit

Wearing: Dress - Asos. Socks - Forever 21. Lipstick - Mac 'Hang-Up'
The Swing Dress. A couple of weeks ago I didn't think anything about it. I just thought it was s simple dress line that hangs loosely and doesn't look too great. However with this dress and my other one, both new purchases from Asos, I have seen the light on swing dresses. They are so incredibly comfy, it literally feels like I'm wearing trackies, which is just fab. I also love styling these dresses, my go-to at the moment is to pair them with extremely sheer tights and my black knee high socks from forever 21 however it could also be done with layering jumpers,knits and scarfs over the dress. So basically, this style of dress is possibly my new favourite! And if you couldn't tell already, this is what I wore Christmas Day with my new (and first ever) Mac lipstick.


Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Time

 My brother and sister practicing their blog poses...!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I hope you had a lovely time celebrating with friends and family, eating a lot and hopefully got some great presents. I certainly did! I spent Christmas eve with my close family plus my grandparents, we went to the carol service in the village which was fun. I cannot sing for the life of me but singing to some Christmas carols is always pretty good. Then Christmas morning was spent opening some amazing stocking gifts and eating ham and eggs. My cousins arrived around midday which made the house busy with some a festive atmosphere. We ate loads for Christmas lunch then opened some fantastic presents in the evening. These are just a couple of shots that were taken over the festive period. I had a lovely time with family and I hope you did too!
Also exciting news - I was accepted to be a part of #AccessAllAsos (a type of Asos insider) which I'm so grateful for!
I've just finished reading Veronica Roth's Allegiant which was brilliant - tempted to do a blogpost about it, let me know what you think/if you've read it!


Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas's Eve's Eve!

 Wearing: Top - Urban Outfitters. Leggings - H&M. Cardigan - Republic. Bag and Necklace - New Look. Shoes - Office.
During the New Year I think I might make having spontaneous outfit shoots with my phone withan everyday outfits a regular thing. So if I was going out shopping or the cinema on the weekend I can take a few quick snaps. This will also mean I can have an experiment with some different photography apps. This was done on 'Afterlight' which is possibly my favourite app. It just has such a lvoely range of different effects - my most used one at the moment is 'wicker.' This outfit was a simple slightly whimsical choice. This top is one of my recent favourites, it was a bargain £8 from Urban Outfitters! Then my trusty Doc Martins that are still my pride and joy despite the blisters they've caused!
P.S. Merry Christmas Eve's Eve! 

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

My (2nd) Favourite Place in the World

Aside from New York ( and maybe London) My bedroom is my favourite place in the world. I had it redecorated the summer of my back surgery in 2011 and since then it has evolved to be my everyday space which I can come to, relax and just chill out.  For a while I have wanted to share with you my bedroom but was unsure whether to do it through a video or photo's, I decided to use a mass of photo's so I hope you don't mind another photo-heavy post!
A few books that I'm reading and studying at school. Beauty products that I frequently use and My bedside table with the latest copy of Company and Teen Vogue along with the book I'm reading at the moment - Anne Frank's. diary.

Yup, I'm sixteen (although seventeen in January) and I still have one favourite cuddly toy - A Hippo called Annie.
Shelves with all my fashion books I own along with all my copies of Company and Teen Vogue.
My desk which is where I do most of my school work - This is my photography sketchbook.
So there you have it, my bedroom. Hopefully with this 101 photo's you can get a sense of it. I decided to edit the photo's a little differently as well which I was initially apprehensive about but I think I like the outcome. Do you like this type of post? Let me know in the comments if you want more of this lifestyle type posts.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Little Black Dress

Wearing: Dress - Asos, Socks - Forever 21, Shoes - New Look. Cardi - Republic. Lipstick - Vivo 'Pucker Red'

Since when I was little getting a real Christmas tree and the little trip out to choose and collect which one we want has always seemed like a big deal. So this year, I decided to take my camera with me and attempt to take some outfit photo's whilst there. However my mum started to shoot me whilst I was amoung many tree's and it ended up other people laughing at us so we quickly cowered away and put the camera away. I did get a few pictures though!
I ordered this dress from Asos two weeks ago to wear to the #WWMeetup (see my last post) and it seems to fit every occasion possible. I've also been wanting to wear knee-high socks for it feels like foreveeeeer but I always was too worried with how to style them and what they would look like etc. But I decided to wear some low denier black tights aswell as the socks to make them a little less stand-out and I must say, I am pleased with the result! I decided to go with a classic red lip (which I was very happy that it got a complement for how long it stayed on at my friends Christmas Dinner!) and winged eye-liner. The dress is a lovely soft material that feels almost like your in you pyjama's but looks a little better that going out in them, however much I want to.


Saturday, 14 December 2013


I'm finally on school holidays again, well ignoring the day and a half I have this week; I'm thinking it won't really count as (fingers crossed) we'll just watch films and eat chocolate. Which mean A) I can finally get on top of my blog and B) It's christmaaaaaaaaasssss, well nearly. 
Sorry for the picture heavy post but last weekend I travelled to London to attend the #WWmeetup organised by Islay and Ellie. I have been super excited for this for  long time because I had never been to Winter Wonderland in hyde park before and I was excited to catch up/ meet some new bloggy friends! At the beginning of the day I met up with Jordan and Emily before we travelled towards Hyde park to meet the others. We then met up and walked towards the park. Initially we went of in small groups to wonder around before we met up to do some browsing along oxford street and eat something. Ellie, Ellie, Ellen and I (yup, I ruin the names beginning with 'Ell' thing...) we bought some extremely yummy German doughnuts before going on this indoor snow roller coaster thing. It was great to see Ellie again and meet Ellie and Ellen. After meeting up with the other girls again we headed towards oxford street (however a bit of confusion meant that we split up from other girls who were originally there) After browsing through Selfridges, having a picture with Father Christmas and obsessing over Ellie's Polaroid camera we headed to Ed's Diner. Overall I had a lovely day and to be frank I want to rewind time and do it all over again. Thank you to the lovely Ellie and Islay for organising it!

Other bloggers I met: Carissa and Lily

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