Saturday, 21 December 2013

My (2nd) Favourite Place in the World

Aside from New York ( and maybe London) My bedroom is my favourite place in the world. I had it redecorated the summer of my back surgery in 2011 and since then it has evolved to be my everyday space which I can come to, relax and just chill out.  For a while I have wanted to share with you my bedroom but was unsure whether to do it through a video or photo's, I decided to use a mass of photo's so I hope you don't mind another photo-heavy post!
A few books that I'm reading and studying at school. Beauty products that I frequently use and My bedside table with the latest copy of Company and Teen Vogue along with the book I'm reading at the moment - Anne Frank's. diary.

Yup, I'm sixteen (although seventeen in January) and I still have one favourite cuddly toy - A Hippo called Annie.
Shelves with all my fashion books I own along with all my copies of Company and Teen Vogue.
My desk which is where I do most of my school work - This is my photography sketchbook.
So there you have it, my bedroom. Hopefully with this 101 photo's you can get a sense of it. I decided to edit the photo's a little differently as well which I was initially apprehensive about but I think I like the outcome. Do you like this type of post? Let me know in the comments if you want more of this lifestyle type posts.

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  1. I love your room! It's really nicely decorated, I can see that picture of me, you and Islay in the Topshop photo booth hehe ;)

    1. Thank you Jordan! Yes, and our Polaroid with Father Christmas ;) xoxo

  2. Love seeing what peoples bedroom are like :) I want to do a post like this myself Gisforgingers xx


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