Thursday, 30 October 2014

Half Term Vlog // Shopping and Brunch

This half term has been so chilled, I've just had the right amount of chill time and doing stuff that the balance between the two has just been perfect. At the weekend I had a day shopping with my mum and then on Monday I went to brunch with some of my friends and thought that I may as well vlog. I really wish I had the time/ something interesting to vlog more as I really love it when I do. As I can be so chatty and often people don't want to listen to everything I say and I figure even if no-one watches them it still something to chat too! (Gosh, that sounds quite sad!) I'm hoping that once I get a Mac laptop (eeeeek, hopefully for Christmas/ my birthday) editing will be easier and therefor I'll make more videos but for now please subscribe/ comment/ like if ya want too.

Now Playing // 1989 is literally on repeat, it's perfect. (although quite a way off from the country ballads that I originally loved Taylor for!)

Monday, 27 October 2014

Recent Tumblr Lovin'

All sources on my tumblr

Soooooo, basically I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago but somehow didn't post it and looking back at it I figured why not post it today? So yeah, That's my explanation for this post, I've updated my tumblr quite a bit in the last couple of weeks so be sure to check that out.

I find sometimes when I am so bombarded with school work that I lose my creativity and passion for something different. That with wearing a suit each day and having my shoes and bag every day for 5 days out of 7 a week I lose my sense of personal fashion. This often happens when I'm in the middle of a term but as so often as before all I need to do is have an hour or two to have a search around on tumblr and different clothes websites to feel inspired. At the moment on tumblr, well actually always, I love black and white images. I just think they have such a sleek clean and classic feel to them. This is also portrayed in my sense of style, about 90% of my clothes I wear are monochrome. And surely if I like fashion so much I should experiment and be out there? But this is my style. Black, white with an occasional glance of colour, which is quite often denim. 
So this post started out as an inspiration post but ended with me analysing my own style, so yeah! At least my creativity brain now feels refreshed. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

All Black

Top - New Look. Jeans - Topshop. Scarf - Zara.
All week I've been lazy and loving life. Waking up gone 10, meeting friends for coffee or dinner and watching Gilmore Girls until my heart's content, it's been bliss. In the back of my head I knew I had these blog photo's that I could edit and blog about but I was so caught up in doing nothing that I've only just decided to blog about them. Considering I'm only at home for an hour between shopping and going to the cinema in which I need to change my outfit, re-do my make-up and have dinner, it's not so smart of me, but hey-ho!
It's no secret to anyone that knows me how much I love black. I just cannot seem to steer away from it and this outfit is no exception. I have basically been living in these jeans the past week as they are so so comfy and I really love how they look in an outfit, I think the rips give them a bit of an edge but the high-waist gives them the flattering effect. This scarf is another staple of mine for winter, I saw it near the beginning of September in Zara and knew if I didn't get it then I would regret it. It's so big, so warm, and just so perfect. I like the fact it is still a tartan scarf but fits in with the main colour scheme of my wardrobe - Black and White. Right I better go and have dinner so I can meet some friends at the cinema, I hope if your on half term like I am your making the most of it!

Now Watching // Gilmore Girls!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Basis of my Autumn/ Winter Wardrobe

 So, You know in my last post I was going on about how good life is? Well it seems to be that I kind of jinxed it and it turns out, life isn't so great. But, I'll get over it and as Ella told me 'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.' A very cheesy quote but it completely makes sense and that's what I'm trying to do. And in doing that, I went internet shopping!
I haven't been properly shopping or internet shopping in a long long time it feels like and although I haven't actually felt the need too (mainly because I've been stuck in my school suit) when you look down one page on Asos, you can't help but look down another ten. And so I come to you with what was going to be a wishlist but just turned into a couple of things, I show you what I would really really like to start off/ carry on my Autumn/ Winter wardrobe. 

Stripes, because I don't think I will ever fall out of love with them.
Denim A-line skirt because so simple yet so throwback to the nineties.
Plain Black Tee because once again so simple but effective.
Dark floral skirt because with a black knit, statement necklace and black knee high socks the outfit would never get old! 

Now Reading // Finalizing the articles for the first issue of Ink (My school magazine in which I am the editor of!)


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Knee Socks

 Jumper and Necklaces - Berksha. Dress - Topshop. Socks - Forever 21. Shoes - New Look. Hat - H&M.
 Once again I feel like I owe a massive apology for not blogging once yet in October (Think it may actually be my longest period without blogging ever) But then I think, no I don't. Life has been so hectic, but so good. My last year of school is turning out better than ever, ignoring the piles and piles of work, stress about UCAS and life's random curve balls it throws into the mix, life's good. Plus, I passed my driving test on Tuesday so now have a certain element of freedom so I can get out of this village without relying on my mum which feels pretty great. I broke up for half term yesterday and the autumnal feels are in full swing; I'm spending my first day snuggled up in bed,  blogging, catching up on shows and ordering Rookie Yearbook 3. If I care to repeat myself again, Life's good.
It upsets me that this is my first Autumn outfit of the year but you know it's autumn when the knee-high socks come out, don't you? This is such a classic autumnal type of outfit for me and one I don't think I will ever get over. Throwing a jumper over a summer dress is the perfect transition from seasons and one that I think I'll be doing the rest of my life!
Right, well I better go and watch The Vampire Diaries then, will hopefully actually see you soon!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Instagram Lately #3

Sunday morning reading magazines and drinking coffee // An autumnal cosy outfit I wore last weekend to Leicester open day // Bryony and I before a party // Flashback to Chicago // My siblings and I before a family party // My outfit and a coffee early on a Saturday morning before going to Birmingham open day // A group of my friends before a party - surprisingly it wasn't black and white themed! // A selfie with my new top, hat and necklaces before Southampton open day // Flashback to Chicago.

A little montage of my life  through the lens from the last few weeks, hopefully you can see that apart from school I have been super busy with multiple university open days (lets not talk about it, bit of a stressful subject) multiple party's (I know, that social life I told you I had) ands drinking lots of coffee(It's just inevitable.) Therefore although I desperately want to apologise for my break as the guilt feels like it is literally eating me up inside I actually have an excuse for not posting - life!
It's just all caught up to me and I'm not going to lie, it is pretty darn fab at the moment. Being in the last year of school I feel like everyone in my year just has the feeling of 'hey, lets make the most of it' and be happy.' Not sure if that is just me, but apart from the work that I'm already struggling to keep up with, life is good. 
This is the first weekend in a while when I'm not going to an open day so yesterday I had a work day and today I'm going shopping then to a dance competition. So hopefully the shop will bring me back load of inspirations of future posts and outfits so we won't have to have this horrid long break!

P.S. Oh, and I also failed my driving test this week, so that wasn't that great.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


 Top, Bag and Shoes - New Look. Shorts - Topshop. Kimono - H&M.

14 days! 14 days I haven't posted in. And I am ashamed to admit it but I don't have some long-winded profound apology for my lack of presence on the blog, all I have is my moaning about school taking up a surprising amount of time that I have been either working or just too tired to write. Plus I have actually been having a little bit of a social life ( a shocker, I know! )
But once again, because I can't seem to get over a trip that happened a month ago - here's another flashback to Chicago! This one, shot by The Bean - All I think about is The Vow.  Now I really wish I had this kimono earlier on in the summer because I just felt so powerful and free wearing it, like no-one could tell me wrong. It's weird isn't it, the sense of security and empowerment you can get from once piece of clothing? Baffling, I know. But it is a Tuesday night and I have had a very unproductive evening with another attempt at a personal statement and one paragraph of an essay being written so excuse me for my deep thoughts on one piece of material. Enough of my babbling, hopefully I will be back permanently soon possibly even with some recent and up to date outfit posts!

Now Playing // Photograph by Ed Sheeran
Now Reading // The Lovely Bones - so freaky but so hauntingly good.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Heart Like Yours

 Top and Shirts - Topshop. Shoes and Backpack - New Look.

I'm having a love affair with stripes.
But yeah, this is another outfit from Chicago, probably one of my favourites. I felt a mixture of Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe - the mix of stripes with the red lipstick just once again seemed to have this classic-y/retro vibe. I wore this on my first full day to Chicago, I think (it's all a bit of a blur) we went to the zoo, went up the Willis tower, had a drink by the water and just explored the city. Once again, wishing I was back there.
Summer is officially over for me as I went back to school today ready to start my final year of school! It's so odd and a bit surreal that I'm in the oldest year at the school and it's my last one, if I think of all movies like Grease and High School Musical (?!) where they graduate, I can't believe refuse to believe that that is me!

Can we just talk about If I Stay?! Pure perfection amongst a waterfall of tears.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


In true Christina fashion, I have half of my Chicago photos on my dad's computer whilst he's gone away for a bit! But, that's no excuse for my break from the blog, in honesty the sun came out in Florida last week and I spent every minute enjoying it and trying to soak up the sun before I came back to England and the inevitable rain. Then I've been jetlagged, hanging with some family and on a back-to-school shopping trip - hence the break from the blog!
I got this Forever 21 dress in the store in Chicago and instantly fell in love. The red lips seem a perfect fit to go with the monochrome stripes, as well as my black flatforms to make it a simple classic look. This was my last night (I think - it all seems like a blur) in Chicago in which we went to a fab steakhouse before going to the Navy Pier to watch fireworks. Although apparently there are fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday watching the fireworks, sitting by the water with the Chicago skyline in view was a perfect moment. It's still moments like that that have made my holiday unforgettable!
Hopefully there will be some shots of Chicago soon and definitely some more outfits, but for the moment I'm going to continue (ahem, start) my holiday homework before going back next week (How is it the last week of Summer already?!)

Now Playing // Ariana Grande - My Everything

P.S. You've may have seen on Instagram (and if you havent, where have you been?) but I#ve had my haircut! What do you think of it?
P.P.S. Also, This is my 300th post, cheers to that.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

America Life Rambling

It is currently storming outside. And it has been all day so far. This is the third day in the row it has been like this. So yeah, Florida is fab when the sun is out but when a blanket of clouds blocks it, it isn't so fab. I've quickly nabbed my dad's laptop to give an update on my life and a type of photo diary through my phone post. 
I have taken so many photo's, some blog related, some photography related and others to capture memories but the problem is is that I don't have my usual editing tools on my dad's laptop so the Chicago posts will have to be delayed another week or so. However I have been taking quite a few snaps on my phone and have been frequently uploading them to Instagram so thought I would collate some together in this post. I'm rambling a lot aren't I? Bullet points may be best.
  • After a fairly sleepless Wednesday night I finally got my AS Level results at 3:30 in the morning here. The range of emotions was, and still is mixed. I was thoroughly pleased with half of my grades and disappointed in the other half, especially my History exam. But oh well, I can just try my best and pull it up next year!
  • We went to a baseball game last night to support the Tampa Bay Rays whom we've seen multiple times now. It wasn't the most exciting game but I still got into it - especially with our t-shirts - and we won!
  • Tonight we're going to an American Football game. I don't know any rules to it apart from what I learnt through films and TV shows, So could be interesting!
  • I've also done lots of shopping which I'm super excited for and am thinking possibly of a haul video when I come back?  So that is my life atm, bit of a pointless rambling post but I felt I needed to explain my life through bullet points!

From watching this video I've been reminded of one of my favourite quotes that I fancied sharing - 
“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.” 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Summer Shade

Top and Necklace - New Look. Shorts - Topshop. Kimono and Shoes - H&M.
I seem to love putting my hands in my hair...

I wore this outfit to a barbecue that I hosted for my friends just before I went away. I was stressing about what top to wear but luckily I found this peplum top in Madeleine's drawer which I think fits perfectly with this outfit. It's definitely one of my favourite outfits of the summer so far. I love the free flowing feel of this kimono and do wish I jumped on the bandwagon a bit earlier!  Also a lil' shout out to Vicky for being the photographer, obviously our time in Photography AS has paid off!
Right now I am sat inside jamming to 5SOS's album, taking a break from the sun and about to make a Mango shake with Madeleine. Chicago was a dream, my heart definitely belongs in a city but it has fully worn me out (You'll be getting the posts about that shortly when I've recovered!) but today is the first day of my week and a half long chill time in Florida. I've already spent hours in the pool and listened to a heap of new albums. Life is Good.