Saturday, 19 July 2014

Those Lazy Denim Days

 Dress - Primark. Hat - New Look. Shoes - Office.
A denim dress just shouts a lazy hot summers day. So this morning when I didn’t have to jump out of bed and commute to London but could have a lie-in and mooch around in a standard teenage girl fashion, this dress stood out to me. Then when the thought of blog photo’s popped into my head I finally braved this New Look hat which I’ve had since last Autumn but have never been brave enough to sport it. So this afternoon we had a drive (yes, I drove!) until we found this adorable spot and started snapping away.
My life this week has been exhausting but in a good way. I managed to nab myself a 3 week internship at a PR company in London. Although the commute is tiring I’m learning so much interesting stuff whilst enjoying a snapshot of London life!
Tonight I’m off to see The Fault in Our Stars for the third time and I honestly can’t wait. Then tomorrow I’m hoping it’ll be another sunny day to laze around in.

Now Playing - Nina by Ed Sheeran ( One of my favourite artists singing about another of my favourite artists = pure bliss!)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thoughts, Expectations and Reality

Hello, I am actually alive. I did not plan for a week and a half long hiatus from my blog, it just kind of happened. I had a busy week last week as it was the last four days of school before summer and in the evenings I had my first full run through's of my dance show (which is coming up this weekend!) then I actually *shock horror* went out to a couple of party/gatherings so it was safe to say I was pretty damn tired.
This week I have been stuck at home in the days and have been at, what feels like my second home, my dance school in the evenings. Most of my friends from school are currently having a girly holiday in Corfu which sadly I couldn't go to because of my dance show, then because of my parents working I am stuck at home accompanied by my laptop, food and television. But you may be thinking, well why haven't you blogged Christina? But the truth is, Ive been feeling quite unmotivated. As well as not having any prime time to capture good and worthy outfit photo's I felt that I couldn't post if it was not an outfit post. However today I had a little revelation, that who cares if it isn't an outfit post? If I want to blog I should! So therefor I come to you today with a post, slightly inspired by Sonja's style of blogging, that relates my life and feelings at the moment. Let me know what you think of this type of post, I'm a bit nervous about posting it but I need to break down that barrier of what I should post and what I want to post.
Photo's and Gifs from my tumblr!
A couple of weeks ago my mum and I sat down on a Sunday evening to introduce ourselves into the world of Audrey. I had seen Breakfast at Tiffany's before but that was it, before that we found lurking in the back of my grandma's cupboard the 'Ultimate Audrey Hepburn collection.' After watching Funny Face and Roman Holiday we were both pleasantly surprised! The films were funny. Much more funnier that we had both imagined, therefore she is now my queen.  And also, how on point is Audrey's eyebrow game here? 
How beautiful is Elle Fanning? I still haven't seen Maleficent but Elle has recently been on the cover of Teen Vogue and Company and both the interviews were so interesting as well as the photoshoots,  inspiring. I especially loved the Bridgette Bardot inspired look in the Teen Vogue photoshoot, Elle just pulled it off so well and looked gorgeous!
As you can probably tell - I love Black and White photo's. These two photo's just ooze the 'cool' tumblr girl feel that most girls wish they had. The grunge and effortless look of the outfit on the left and the salty beachy hair on the right hand side emphasize my need and expectations for summer. 
This photo is pure perfection. My life at the moment is heavily surrounded by the image of dance. The past couple of weeks I've had evenings in the studio that start at six and go on until ten, and that's happened at least twice a week for a good few weeks. Although they have been hard and challenging, especially dancing this much during my exam period I feel like it is all going to pay off on Sunday. Our annual dance show is this weekend and I can't even explain how excited yet nervous I am for it. I want to give my teachers justice to the dances they've created as well as do myself proud as well as not let my friends down. We've all worked so hard and I really hope, well I know, it will all pay off!

A few gifs that I feel explain my expectations and dreams of a fun filled summer contrasted with the reality of me sitting at home writing this blog post about to go drink some coffee, eat a chocolate cornflake cake, re-watch Make it or Break it whilst ironing (because I'm a lovely daughter.) Isn't my life just really exciting?
But I did upload a new youtube video earlier, make sure you check it out and subscribe, pleaseeeee!

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Still Fallin'

Wearing - Dress: Topshop. Cardi - Boohoo. Shoes - Office
I ordered this cardi on a random spur when I realised that although my summer wardrobe was building up quite nicely I had nothing to wear over all my clothes as a jacket, so after looking through all the standard websites - Misguided, Asos, Boohoo - this Boohoo cardi stood out to me. When I initially tried it on I just felt like a professor, not really helped by Matthew asking me why I was in a Harry Potter gown but after seeing my friend Becky wear a similar style I realised I do actually really like it! Paired with this dress and my trusty DM's I think it a great grungy summer look, one that I'm sure I will be wearing often!
My life the past couple of weeks feels so scattered. After I finished my exams I went back to school for a couple of weeks then my weekends were taken up by a dance competition so had barely anytime to focus on blogging. The past week I've been doing work experience at a PR company in London. It has been such a tiring week but such an insightful and interesting week. I'm extremely lucky that I can go back and do it for three more weeks in the summer! I break up from school this week and then am focusing on my dance show which is two weeks today ( so scary!) but am hoping to get back into the swing of blogging and post regularly!
So yeah, I think that was a really boring and rambling post but look out for a new video on my Youtube channel soon!
 What's new in your life?

Friday, 20 June 2014

My Country Playlist

Bit of a random post today but I've been at a dance competition all weekend (Dance Mums UK were filming - and yes, my dance school beat them *smug face*) so due to stage make-up and my general laziness I haven't shot any outfit photo's. But with an order form Boohoo and H&M in the works along with my Topshop buys, my summer wardrobe will be ready to shine soon!
However because of blogger being very dodge I wrote this post on Sunday but have only been able to post it today, sorry for the 10 days unplanned break!

I love music. It is another form of escape for me. To be comforted by words that you can relate to, to have background music to stop you thinking, and just generally to cheer you up. And my (guilty?) pleasure is country music. I don't really know where this developed from but I always like 'soft' music, I think I have my sister to thank for her getting me into Taylor Swift's earlier songs a couple of years ago. But recently there has been a lot of new young country musicians that have been fueling my need for summery music. So I thought I would introduce them to you; 

Lucy Hale 

'I'm that girl you think that's got it figured out.
But I walk around, with a head full of doubt.' - Nervous Girls
Mostly known for her role in the tv series Pretty Little Liars as Aria, she has branched out from PLL and recently released her first album. Before she got into acting her main passion was country music, and you can totally see that in her album. It has a range of slow meaningful ballads like 'Nervous Girls' and 'Road Between' to upbeat happy songs like 'You Sound Good to Me' and 'Kiss Me.' It is going to be on replay all summer I think, I just wish I could have a sing-a-long with Madeleine to it!

Dan and Shay 

'Shades on spinning in a summer rain
Dancing in the rain no music
Just the right kind of crazy' - Nothin' Like You

Relatively new to the country music scene, Dan and Shay are a duo who after meeting in December 2012 got a recording contract within two months and a year later had there first single 'You+Me' already playing on the country radio. I came across them through Scooter Braun and James Mcvey tweeting about them so looked them up and was incredibly surprised. Their album - Where it all Began - is full of summery songs with romantic lyrics and an upbeat feel. I can imagine listening to it in the sun with the roof down and singing at the top of my voice. My favourites would have to be 'You+Me' and 'I Heard Goodbye.'

Hunter Hayes

'There's so much more to life than what you're feeling now
Someday you'll look back on all these days
And all this pain is gonna be invisible' - Invisible
Around February/ March time I was obsessed with Hunter Hayes' first album then I was treated because in May, just when I was getting slightly bored of his songs, he released his second album - Storyline! I haven't decided which album I like best but they seem both on par with each other. Hunter is such an amazing musician, he can play the piano and guitar and by watching his #Fortheloveofmusic youtube series you can see that he is just striving to be the best he can be and loves nothing better than to perform on stage. My favourites on this album would have to be 'Wildcard' and 'Storyline' for their punchy lyrics and rhythm but I also love 'Tattoo' 'Invisible' and 'Still Fallin!' To be honest, I love them all! It has such a range of ballads to upbeat songs that it is also, a perfect country album!

So there you have it, my playlist for the beginning of these summer months is mainly country based. And although it's quite random and not popular music for girls like me ,I love it and I'm not going to hide my guilty pleasure! Now for the denim, checked shirts and cowboy boots...

Do you like country music? 
Currently Reading - Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Such a thought=provoking, interesting and amazingly written book!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Topshop Summer Haul // London Days #3

On the Thursday of half term I travelled into London for the third day and went for my Christmas present to Topshop for a personal shopper experience. Now I won't say much about it because I've been sunbathing too long in this gorgeous weather and I need to get ready for dancing. Buutt, It was so fun! When I got there the person helping me, Rachel, had already picked out 10 or so outfits from my 'brief' I had given before. I then spent an hour trying them on, mixing and matching and asking for anything else. It was so fun and a really great way to getting a start on my summer wardrobe. I filmed a whole talky type haul video but really didn't like the outcome so bundled together this short video to show you what I got!

I go back to school tomorrow for the last few weeks before summer. It feels like it will be a bit of a drag but I'm hoping it will fly by as it's mainly focusing on our personal statements then I've got a work experience placement!
What's your favourite piece in my video?

Currently Reading - The One by Kiera Cass lived up to expectations and I finished it within one afternoon.
Currently Playing - Lucy Hale's album 'Road Between' has also lived up to expectations, my favourites at the moment is 'Just another Song' 'Kiss me' and 'Road Between!'

Friday, 6 June 2014

Serenity // London Days #2

I have finished my exams for this year! The Friday feeling is top-notch right now, it's just so exciting! I actually have to go back to school until July so that is a bit of a bummer but that's on Wednesday so I have a little while yet! I'm so excited to have a bit of freedom from revision and exams for a while!

A bit of a random post this afternoon but if you saw my London vlog you will have seen me in a garden looking over Oxford Street. My mum and I were wondering in John Lewis ( I got very excited about some garden furniture...) when I saw a sign for a 'rooftop garden' so we went and explored to find out that it is part of their 150 years celebration. Now I felt a bit like I did in my reflections post, I think that  there is something about looking over people and being disconnected from the street that really intrigues me. It was so lovely laid out with plants everywhere and the cutest garden furniture. The English geek is me thought how it was an oxymoron/juxtaposition/contrast between the urban view that went on for miles to the green plants living in the city on the top of a massive building. There was a serenity of being away from the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest streets on London and just being a spectator. The view was spectacular - funnily enough a few days before I was saying how I've never seen London from a height (like the London eye) but I have now, and it didn't disappoint! There was something so special about this area that I just had to share! 

Now reading: I finished 'Broken hearts, Severed Heads' at the beginning of this week and LOVED it! It was such a refreshing YA novel that was slightly different to the traditional, hence why I think I liked it so much. I've got a new kindle! Thanks to my amazing parents who have replaced my old one so I plan to download Kiera Cass The One and spend all day tomorrow reading it, I've been waiting for the  final in this triology for a while!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer Rain

Dress - Primark. Shoes - Office. Watch - Asos.
Throughout winter I had thought to myself how cool it would be to accessorise some outfit photo's with this massive umbrella but never seemed to get round to it. So when I went to shoot these before going to London last Monday and it was raining,  I jumped at the chance - my mum, not so much. She stood hidden from the rain inside whilst attempting to zoom to get some decent photo's, which I think she did actually manage to!
When I went shopping to Primark a couple of weeks ago I picked up about 10 dresses to try on! Most of them were pale pink with a collar and I was certain I would end up getting one however none looked right, but then I slipped this dress on and it was perfect. It fit great, it looked great and could it be anymore great? (Well, yes - the zip could have not broken and I wouldn't of had to go back and get a replacement buuut) No! Sheeesh, what an overuse of a word! I think it has a subtle grungy 90's type feel yet remaining girly which is the exact vibe I'm liking at the moment. So I paired it with my trusty DM's (I promise I'll get some new shoes soon) my gold watch, matte white nails and I was ready to go!

You can check out the vlog of my day trips to London here - without blowing my own trumpet too loud I'm actually quite proud with this video. So would love it if you could give it a watch and let me know what you think of it/ what I could improve! Also subscribe whilst your there *shameless plug.*

Now reading: You can see over there < - Check out my goodread's page to see my recommendations, what I'm currently reading and what I plan to read!
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Saturday, 31 May 2014

London Days #1

On Wednesday I travelled to London to meet up with Jordan but completely forgot to take many photo's. I had been so intent on vlogging it and  because of that I forgot to take out my camera and take photo's! But these three photo's seem to be the only ones took whilst at Ed's diner. When we firstmet up after both being overwhelmed by the massiveness of Kings Cross and unable to spot each other we jumped on the tube to Camden Town. We wondered around the markets aimlessly for a while, browsing and looking at lots of different things. However due to the weather (rain rain and more rain) we decided to be all sterotypical and go to Starbucks. Here we just had the loveliest chat, chatting about I don't even know what! After some more wondering we decided to venture to Oxford Street. We ended up going to Ed's Diner which I ever only go to when I'm with blogger friends!  After taking a few selfies etc we jumped back onto the tube and said our goodbye's.

I feel like I have literally just given you a run down of our day like a schedule. Sorry for this bitty blog post. Last night I felt a bit overwhelmed with all the content I have from the last few days. I vlogged my three days in the city, I've got lots of new purchases and had some fun experience's so all of these will probably be posted in a weird and odd timescale, sorry!

P.S. I've also decided that this is going to be the first post of my new series that I will be starting on the blog; as I will be (hopefully) spending a lot of the summer I figure this is a good way to document them!

Now reading: I've just finished The Treatment by Suzanne Young - I really really enjoyed it, the concept is so strange and odd but found it really hard to put down!