Friday, 13 February 2015

The Book Thief

I first read The Book Thief around this time last year when I realised that it was coming out as a film, and I loved it straight away. Since then it has been a constant in my life, that may sound odd but I have used it as the stimulus text for my English coursework. Meaning that the non-fiction article I have written and the fictional short story I recently finished were both inspired, or loosely based around the them "imprisonment" which I got from the book. As I am coming to the end of my English coursework unit I am writing my 'commentary' part where I analyse what I have written contrasted with the books I have chosen as my stimulus. That has meant that I have had to analyse The Book Thief closely and some of the quotes in it really just struck me due to the beauty of their wording, that I thought it would be a shame not to share them with you...

 Woah, that's a lot - as you can tell, there are lots of quote worthy phrases!
I also recently watched the film for the second time and cried buckets. Not just at the outcome but just at the whole concept of life in Germany during the Second World War. It just boggles me to think about the indoctrination of the Nazi's and I don't want to go off onto a historical tangent, but it just amazes me everyday the sheer power that the Nazi's had. The film is so beautifully shot; the characters all have some lovely chemistry and the innocence yet wiseness that Liesel shows is fascinating. I really think she is one of my favourite fiction characters, she has just gone through so much pain and suffering in her life but she is amazed by words and finds the strength to carry on. 

I cannot pin point why this book means something to me but I felt I needed to share it on here because I really urge anyone who has not read or seen it to go and read/watch it now! (although, make sure you read it before you watch it!) 
Now Reading // Landlife by Rainbow Rowell - am still not sure how I feel about this book!
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

We never go out of Style

Skirt - Topshop. Top - M&S (just hear me out...) Jacket and Shoes - New Look.
One thing that people often say when asked who their style icon is, is their mum. I never really thought of my mum as a 'style icon' or anything, she just always wore nice clothes and that was that. But recently, with a specific style coming back around I've realised that in reality my mum and I actually have a very similar style,  meaning that some time in my life, she must have inspired me! Over Christmas one of my aunts said jokingly that all my mum wears is black - and I always joke around with my friends how all we wear is black (a little bit of white!) Alos last November when my mum and I went out we both were wearing grey clothes with some kind of roll-neck, and since we both have short blonde hair ( much to my dad's dismay) we look even more alike! 
I've even gone as far in this outfit as wearing her clothes! This roll-neck is hers, I've been lusting after one for ages and hadn't managed to buy one and then when I bought this A-line black denim skirt from Topshop the other week, I knew a fitted grey roll-neck top would be perfect with it. My mum always wears roll-necks under pinafores or chunky knit roll-neck jumpers with jeans - I remember when I was little not liking them because I felt like they were choking me! But after all these years, I suppose she has inspired me - Thanks Mum! (Or Mummy as even though I'm an 18 year-old, I'll never not call her mummy...)
Anyway, I better go and start school for today, I've had two coffee's before it was even 8 o'clock, so I'm sure I'll be crashing in a few hours, Hope you week is going well!

Now Reading // Landline by Rainbow Rowell - I've only just started this but I already love the setting and set up of the book.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Could be jogging, but I'd rather be blogging...

Jumper - Aeropostale. Jeans - Topshop. Necklace - Thomas Sabo.

Hello, Nice to see you there, it's been a while hasn't it? I'd thought I'd let you know what I'm doing when I'd rather be blogging... (Plot twist: I haven't been jogging)

 - Doing Photography work (my deadline for the coursework part of it was last Friday which was super stressful but somehow the fact that Vicky and Ella were in the same situation and we could laugh it off made it tons better, the cake also definitely helped.)

- Doing English coursework (My deadline for my whole coursework unit is next Friday and although I've nearly finished 2/3 of it, I've still got a heck of a lot more to go!)

- Writing History notes, guess what for? coursework! (Yup, more coursework - this one is just getting started so it's the blank page that is the daunting part)

- Spending every night this week at dancing (however much I love dancing I've been there every night this week and last and it's just sometimes a bit too much, especially as half the time I'm not actually dancing as I am teaching others my parts as there is a competition this half but I am away! So can't really complain about to be honest) 

So yeah, There are my excuses to why I've been absent from the blog recently! Although I've tried to be a bit more pro-active with my twitter so be sure to follow me on there to keep up with my daily musings in life. The next couple of weeks seem super super exciting but super super busy - I've got three parties coming up (one of which is Bryony and I's joint 18th!) and a week on Sunday I am going on a ski trip with school! Which I am so so excited about, I had my first ski lesson last Sunday and it was interesting....hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon. It's just going to be a great week with my best friends creating memories! 
The most recent issue of Ink (my school magazine in which I'm editor-in-chief of) came out a couple of weeks ago -I wrote two articles, one on Shakespeare and one on Taylor Swift - I'd love it if you would go and check them out and have a browse through the magazine! 

Now Reading // I Was Here by Gayle Forman - Not that far into it but it hasn't grasped me fully yet!
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