Saturday, 28 September 2013

Settle Down

Wearing - Jumper - New Look. Shorts - Miss Selfridge. Tights - M&S. Boots - New Look.  Bag - New Look. Socks - New Look.

An outfit post, hurrahhh! I don't really know why I'm so excited to post this, I think it's because it's my first 'Fall' outfit. A jumper that's for winter, mixed with shorts from summer seems like a perfect compromise. I wore this to go shopping in London last Sunday where, I feel,  I bought some autumn essentials (or maybe it's an 'essential' because I needed an excuse to buy it all?) You will seen a sneak peek of the items on my Instagram. But we were in a sudden rush to get out the door that we went to take photo's and my memory card wasn't in the camera! So we resorted to using the trusty Iphone ( Just going to put it out there that I'm in the minority who like IOS7...) but with the new effects on my favourite photography app Afterlight I liked the result.
Life seems to be slowly calming down now and I'm getting into a routine with school, dancing and homework. I feel like my blog is starting to fall back into place again!

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


 This is such an exciting post to write! When I was in Year 8 I bonded with a girl in my year called Chilli over our love for Taylor Swift. Which is pretty surreal looking back at it to how good friends we've become and...she has her debut single being released this week! 
I knew back then that she was a good singer and have heard her a few rare time over the years but when I saw her music video for her debut single 'The Long Road' I was amazed. It's a catchy country song that has unique lyrics. The lyrics are what really struck me about this song, their so raw and unique (although I did think of Taylor Swift when she sung about 'dark ripped jeans' and 'dancing in the parking lot!') I'm a fan of country music and even if I wasn't god friends with Chilli this would definitely be on my ipod.
In the beautifully written 'About' section on her website she talks about how the concept of love interests her, along with poetry and letters. Her overall goal is for 'people to relate to [my] music and for it to become a sense of security.' I think Chilli is well on her way to achieving this!

 So basically I'm writing this post amidst all the craziness of dancing, sixth form and a mass of homework to tell you to go and check out her music video, facebook page,
website, and to follow her on twitter!

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Last Glimpse of Summer

Wearing: Shoes - Primark. Dress + Necklace + Clutch - New Look. Rings - Accessorize.
 Woahh, I'm posting?! Didn't think that was going to happen again. But surprise, surprise it is! One thing I'm disliking about Sixth form is the lack of time/energy i have to sit down and write. Also the fact that I'm not very focused on Lfw/Nyfw just because of time! But hopefully in a week or so I'll get used to it and get back on board with the blog.
This is what I wore to the wedding. This dress was the sixth dress I ordered online two weeks before it and luckily it was perfect. I love the flow of the skirt as I walk, it made me feel so elegant! I felt that with the simple neckline it was the perfect time to crack out my new statement necklace from New Look. This dress was such a bright colour I felt I had to accessorize it with black accessories to make it fit more to my style. As you may or may not be able to tell but, Ive had a haircut! It so much shorter than it used to be but it feels healthier and fuller and it will grow (or at least that's what I keep telling myself!) 
I feel like this is my last summer outfit for 2013, Goodbye Summer!
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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Wedding + Update

So just over a week ago I had the privilege to attend my very first wedding! My beautiful cousin Eleanor was getting married to Tom, it was such a unforgettable day.
1 - This photo was taken after the church service which I couldn't stop beaming in. My sister Madeleine was a bridesmaid so it was extra special seeing Eleanor and Madeleine both walk down the aisle gracefully. I was sat with the rest of my cousins and we all were mesmerised by the service. I'm not going to lie in saying they picked great hymns as well - 'Morning has broken' and 'Be thou my vision' although I couldn't compare to my little cousin William who sang his heart out during the signing of the register I did enjoy singing the hymns!
2 - A picture of the wedding car. 'Just Married.' It was so exciting seeing them come out of the church and throw confetti then wave them off in the car
3- The decorations at the receptions were set out so lovely, the flowers all complemented each other and the tables were so pretty. I especially loved the 'Mr & Mrs' decorations on the main table.  It was just such amazing day!

I have now gone back to school but, to sixth form! It's so odd! I have to wear a suit which I'm pretty sure just makes me look like a child attempting to be an adult but oh well! I must say it is nice not having any lessons to go to which you dread. But starting sixth form and going back to dance does probably mean that my blog will take a bit of a hit. I also have lots of video's that need to be edited but I just haven't got round to it. However I will sill try to post as much as I can of course but just to warn you!
Also, How excited are you for October Teen Vogue? I'm super (duper) excited as it has Hailee Steinfeld on the front and as you know I'm obsessed with her and its the young Hollywood issue which every year its my favourite!
Oooooo I feel like I have just rambled and rambled on but one more thing - I reached 500 followers on my twitter the other day and would just like to say thank you! It really pleased me and made me feel proud!

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