Wednesday, 25 September 2013


 This is such an exciting post to write! When I was in Year 8 I bonded with a girl in my year called Chilli over our love for Taylor Swift. Which is pretty surreal looking back at it to how good friends we've become and...she has her debut single being released this week! 
I knew back then that she was a good singer and have heard her a few rare time over the years but when I saw her music video for her debut single 'The Long Road' I was amazed. It's a catchy country song that has unique lyrics. The lyrics are what really struck me about this song, their so raw and unique (although I did think of Taylor Swift when she sung about 'dark ripped jeans' and 'dancing in the parking lot!') I'm a fan of country music and even if I wasn't god friends with Chilli this would definitely be on my ipod.
In the beautifully written 'About' section on her website she talks about how the concept of love interests her, along with poetry and letters. Her overall goal is for 'people to relate to [my] music and for it to become a sense of security.' I think Chilli is well on her way to achieving this!

 So basically I'm writing this post amidst all the craziness of dancing, sixth form and a mass of homework to tell you to go and check out her music video, facebook page,
website, and to follow her on twitter!

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