Sunday, 27 October 2013


Wearing: Jumper - Bershka. Skirt - Forever 21. Shoes - New Look. Socks - Topshop.
A couple of weeks ago whatever I picked out of my wardrobe to wear, a black cropped knitted jumper was the matching and missing piece of any outfit. I hadn't been shopping in a while and just felt that if I had a black knitted cropped jumper, it would essentially solve all my problems in life. Then, I found one. My friend Bryony ( the photographer today ) and myself were having a nose around in Bershka and it practically jumped out at me. It is the perfect knit.
I'm going to attempt to film an 'October Favourites' video today which is exciting. I've been getting so into youtube recently - How cute were the "Zalfie" and "Janya" video's?!

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Autumn Days in London

I had another little day trip in London yesterday. I needed to take some photo's for my photography and used that as a convenient excuse to travel to London. I went with two of my good friends, we just chilled around Covent Garden soaking up the city atmosphere. We probably looked like right tourists taking photo's of everything and anything. We also couldn't help a cheeky trip to Costa - My favourite drink of the festive menu, a salted caramel mocha!
Outfit post coming soon!

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Back to Black


Wearing: Jumper - Forever 21. Necklace and Boots - New Look. Skirt and Tights - H&M.
I thought that once again I would tear myself away from watching television to write a post. As I am now on half term I have set myself a goal to catch up with Pretty Little Liars as I am only half way through season 3 now and I want to be able to watch it as it comes out soon. Although I do have a slight confession, It's freaky! I actually get kind of scared with some of the stuff, just the music and lighting the atmosphere is just always so tense! But it's addicting.
This jumper is going to be one of my staple pieces for these colder months. Not even because it's that thick - It's actually pretty thin and not that warm - but because of how simple it is. It's just a jumper but it will go with anything and can be very versatile. Also coming back with the weather is my love for patterned tights. They just transform an outfit from simple to exciting!

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Those Precious Moments

This is a new series post inspired by Bonnie from Flashes of Style. I'm posting it on a Sunday morning's to take time to  remember the little things and precious moments in life. I have gotten even more into photography since I have started my Alevels and even though these are taken on my iPhone it still gives me an excuse to keep an eye out for picture worthy moments throughout the week. Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Asos Autumn Wishlist

I am officially on a mission to get this blog back up and running after my slight lapse of posts over the last month or so. I am now on a two week half term and although I'm spending my first day cuddled up in bed because of a cold I've gotten (after standing in the rain for half an hour on Monday) I've decided to use that time wisely and internet shop!
I literally fell in love with everything on Asos.There is just the right amount of tartan, knit and black to last me a lifetime. I think my autumn accessories essentials have to be socks to wear with biker boots - I'm thinking all different colours; pale pink,burgundy - and a hat! Bonnie from Flashes of Style often wears a hat which I think just adds a relaxed but polished feel to the outfit. I got one from from New Look recently and am dying to wear it but just need the right outing!
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this wishlist and it doesn't make you want to spend all of your money...

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Friday, 11 October 2013

StyleStorey's 2nd Birthday!

So today is my official 'Blog-versary!' Meaning I have been writing this blog for two years! Which is so odd, I actually consider starting a proper blog about 7 months after I started it and got the name 'StyleStorey.' Before that I wrote really cringey stuff, attempting to give out advice (I even had a song of the week) But then in August 2012 I came across proper fashion blogs and changed it to be more traditional fashion blog! So I thought I would do a quicblog. Although I haven't kept up to date recently (soon to change!) I plan to continue this blog forever. and ever. and ever. Okay, well until whenever! I'm not going to get all soppy on you as it's a Friday night, I've just finished watching the Glee Cory tribute episode so I'm feeling rather emotional (to put it lightly.) So I'll save you from that and just say how much I love having this blog, thank you for anyone who reads/follows it and I'll be back with some regular posting soon!

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