Thursday, 24 October 2013

Autumn Days in London

I had another little day trip in London yesterday. I needed to take some photo's for my photography and used that as a convenient excuse to travel to London. I went with two of my good friends, we just chilled around Covent Garden soaking up the city atmosphere. We probably looked like right tourists taking photo's of everything and anything. We also couldn't help a cheeky trip to Costa - My favourite drink of the festive menu, a salted caramel mocha!
Outfit post coming soon!

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  1. i love listening to buskers, bet there are some good uns in london. looks like a lovely day in london. x

    1. Yes! They're one of my favourite things about London!
      Christina xoxo

  2. awesome photos- lovely outfit too! xx

  3. Lovely pictures :) xx



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