Friday, 11 October 2013

StyleStorey's 2nd Birthday!

So today is my official 'Blog-versary!' Meaning I have been writing this blog for two years! Which is so odd, I actually consider starting a proper blog about 7 months after I started it and got the name 'StyleStorey.' Before that I wrote really cringey stuff, attempting to give out advice (I even had a song of the week) But then in August 2012 I came across proper fashion blogs and changed it to be more traditional fashion blog! So I thought I would do a quicblog. Although I haven't kept up to date recently (soon to change!) I plan to continue this blog forever. and ever. and ever. Okay, well until whenever! I'm not going to get all soppy on you as it's a Friday night, I've just finished watching the Glee Cory tribute episode so I'm feeling rather emotional (to put it lightly.) So I'll save you from that and just say how much I love having this blog, thank you for anyone who reads/follows it and I'll be back with some regular posting soon!

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