Saturday, 30 November 2013

Business Cards and General Life Ramble


I've finally got business cards! I have literally been meaning to order some since July when I had my first blogger meet-up. Instead I went round with a photo and a little bit of information stuck on photo paper and explained the whole story saying I didn't get round to ordering proper ones, to everyone! However next weekend I have the #WWmeetup (Winter Wonderland meet-up) organised by Ellie and Islay and I was organised for once and ordered some! I'm so excited to see some bloggers like Islay, Ellie, Jordan and Amy again and also to meet some new one's!

I thought I would also use this post to have a little ramble about my life/blog at the moment. Basically if you would have seen on twitter I'm lacking a lot of things; Time to blog, Energy to blog and inspiration to blog. Every time I sit down to blog I just think of another homework that's due in or ending up getting fully distracted on twitter or YouTube. Now I think about the fact I haven't blogged for two weeks it frustrates me as my blog is the one thing outside of school or dancing that I feel like I have done all by myself, and I don't want to change that! So I know this is just me making excuses but hopefully soon I'll be inspired and have more energy to focus more time onto this blog!

P.S. I would love it if you could check out an article I wrote for my school's magazine - Here!

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Blogger Interview - Macailah from Take a Lovely Look

A while ago, Waaaaaaay back in February I did a post interviewing the lovely Isabella from ViewofNow and really enjoyed it! So I thought I would email another one of my favourite bloggers, Macailah from Take a Lovely Look. I came across her blog after seeing her in the 'Last Look' page in Teen Vogue! It's an amazing blog with some lovely outfit posts that are taken in a range of different beautiful places. So I was extremely happy when she replied with some really interesting answers, go and check out her blog here!

All Images are from takealovelylook

When did Fashion become an important thing in your life? 

Fashion, became truly important in my life when I was 13. I discovered who I was and what I loved. I learned that fashion was apart of me, and that it a great outlet for self expression. 

Your Blogs has recently turned 1 (congratulations!) What made you initially start it? 
Thank you much, it's been extremely life changing. A few months prior to creating Take a Lovely Look, I had been reading other fashion blogs of girls my age. I thought it was the coolest thing, and I knew it something I was going to do. I made sure to do my research, because I wanted to start my blog knowing what I was doing. After the first month, I knew that great opportunities were going to come out of my blog. 

I found your blog through you being the winner of Teen Vogue's snapshot competition, How did that process pan out?

The Teen Vogue Snapshot Contest was, and still is extremely surreal. I entered the contest shortly after creating my blog. I thought it would be fun, but I didn't think I would be a finalist. So, when I made the top ten finalists, I was in shock. It was the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. I was content and grateful with that. And then, there is months of voting for your favorite outfit. When the contest closed, I actually waited for a very long time to hear anything back. So, I immediately assumed that I didn't win. Until, January 25, 2013 I got an email for Naomi Nevitt that I was the winner of the Snapshot Contest. I was flown to New York City, the best place in the world to shoot for Teen Vogue! 

Your outfit posts are always so amazing - 
How do you find all the stunning locations?

Well, I live in Minnesota, USA. My mum and I look for places that we think fit the outfit I'm wearing. So, one day we'll head to a great forest area and the next will be in Downtown, Minneapolis. That's one of my favorite parts of having a blog, location hunting and capturing the outfit perfectly. 

Who helps you take your photo's?

My mum is my photographer! She has gotten really good at it, she picked up a new skill. And we're best friends, so she loves doing it for me. She has more vision for the blog than me, sometimes. Haha. 

When putting together an outfit, how do you plan it?

It all depends on the day. Sometimes, I'll have outfits completely picked out in my head for weeks, and others I'll just throw something together. 

What advice would you give to someone in taking outfit photo's?

Know what poses work well for you and your outfit. Really have fun while shooting, you can capture some great candids. 

How do you keep on top of your blog as well as school work?

Balancing my time properly, which I'm not sure If I actually have that down yet. My school days are a lot different than a normal teenagers, because I have really long commute to school. So, I'm very tired after school but my mum and I plan outfit posts and such. 

What are your top five blogs you read?
Trop Rouge, Lust for Life, Flashes of Style, Sincerely Jules, and Fashion Toast. They are all women that I really look up to in the blogosphere. 

Favourite Music artists?

This is really tough because I listen to way too many artists and I love them all. Okay, so I really love Angus and Julia Stone, Now, Now, Lorde, Beach House, Otis Redding, Sky Ferreira, Best Coast, M83, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Etc. Sorry, that was a lot but I could name so many more. 

Favourite magazine?

This is hard but Nylon, Teen Vogue, and Marie Claire. 

Favourite TV Show?

I'll name a few; Gilmore Girls, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Friends, Gossip Girl, and Shameless. 

Favourite Movie?

Dirty Dancing, Nowhere Boy, The Devil Wears Prada, James Bond movies, Donnie Darko, and Toy Story. 

 Thanks again to Macailah for doing this interview!
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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Precious Moments #2

I can't believe I've only been back at school for a week since my break. I've had a heavy week with homework, parents evening this upcoming week and leaving my photography book at school over half term meant having to stay up til late to finish my work three night this week! The photo's for today's 'Precious Moments' are from last week but reflecting on them now and taking the time to appreciate the small moments is still calming on a Sunday Morning.
This week in English we're going to be studying blogs. I'm extremely exciting as obviously reading blogs is one on my favourite things to do!
Now I better be off and attempt this 45 mark Classic Essay...Help Me?!

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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dr Martins!

I could not contain my excitement when I opened this package the other day. I have been wanting a pair of Doc Martins for about 2 years now and I've finally got them! I chose the plain black matte ones as I figure they will go with anything and be the most versatile. These will be featured in probably every outfit post until next summer. You have been warned.
Hope everyone had a good Halloween. I was extremely excited as I had a Halloween party on Thursday and my friends as I dressed up as the girls from Pretty Little Liars (which I have been watching non-stop recently) I was dressed as Alison. It was such a fun night but I think I was more excited to dress up, rather than the actual party! I'm off to a bonfire/fireworks night tonight which I'm pretty excited for, then it's time to get excited for Christmas! Woooohoooooo! 
I'm also off to the Teen Awards tomorrow, Lucky me!

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