Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Grey and Black

Wearing: Top - H&M. Jeans - Forever 21. Shoes and Snood - New Look. Watch - Asos.  
Another post wearing jeans, woahhh, I mus really like them! I do think that they may have liberated me from that 'jeans are so plain' mindset I've been in for quite a while. They are just so easy to put on for days when I'm going out but not too do much and can't really be bothered to get dressed up much. This top stood out to me in H&M during a trip to Westfield with Madeleine and my cousin Ruth back in the christmas holidays. It can just be paired with anything and can be dressed up or down. Also, I'm not in boots! This is a rare time for me that I'm not in black boots during winter. Another new thing is my watch. I received this for Madeleine and Matthew for my birthday and I love it. It is fairly 'blingy' being gold and quite big but I think it's perfect!
Life is getting a bit on top of me at the moment with mocks/mid year assessments looming the week before half term and preparing for a big dance competition in half term then dance exams at the end of this term. I've felt recently that I just can't relax, like if I'm not doing anything I feel bad and know that I should do something. It;s not that fab but hopefully it will all smooth out soon!


Friday, 24 January 2014

My Favourite Apps

So, today I thought I would do a quick post on my favourite apps. I did attempt to take artsy photo's on my camera of my phone but this was during my Sunday afternoon failure of taking photo's so I come to you with a screenshot. As you can see, my background is the beautiful Empire State Building in New York because, just why not?
Twitter - twitter,twitter,twitter. Will I ever get bored of it? I follow so many people (friends,celebrities,bloggers,vloggers,shops and just so many) that it is continuously updating. So if I go to dinner, there will be plenty more to look at after so that you can never get bored. This is also a great way to interact with other bloggers which I love to do!
Instagram - A way I like to describe this is 'twitter but with photos.' It's a constant feed of pictures. Which can vary to who you follow. I follow lots and lots of bloggers so I see their outfits constantly, then I follow lots of celebrities (Who doesn't?) also a lot of dancers then all my friends. I love posting my photo's on here, whether they're my recent outfits or pictures of my new make-up or even my food!
Tumblr - This is the ultimate app for procrastination. I can scroll through many different photos for ever and ever then 'reblog' them onto my own platform. There are lots of inspiring quotes and pictures, which are my favourite to 'reblog.' Then pictures or gifs from movies or TV shows (my favourite is Gossip Girl gifs) Then photo's of gorgeous girls and food! Make sure you follow mine here and send me your links!
Snapchat - This is the most random yet simple yet genius app known to man.If you don't know what it is, basically it's just app where you can send photo's to your friends for up to 10 seconds. It's just such a fun way of communicating with your friends, and one of the most common ways I do nowadays.
Bloglovin - The bloglovin' app is the easiest way to scroll through many of my favourite blogs on-the-go. It has definitely in the last couple of weeks become one of the first apps I go on when I wake-up! It's a shame you can't get notifications etc on it but it's a super quick and easy way to keep up with blogs.
Blogger - This blogger app is pretty useful. Although I don't make posts on here I find it useful for transferring photo's from my phone to the computer. It's just a useful app to use occasionally! (how many times can I write useful in one sentence?)
Afterlight - This is my favourite photo apps for editing photos. I use it to edit mostly all my instagram photo's. My favourite effect at the moment is 'wicker.' It feels like it's a perfect filter for a cosy winter feel on a photo, if you can get that from a photo effect...
Youtube - Last but not least...Youtube! I constantly check this app to see if any of my new favourite youtubers have uploaded a new video and get so excited if they have. I've become addicted to youtube in the last six months and haven't looked back. Although I don't think my English Coursework has appreciated it!

So that is it, my favourite Apps! Hope you've liked this random post and have not found it too boring. I'm liking these favourite type posts recently so think I may do a favourite youtube channels/youtubers posts soon, What do you think?

P.S. I know I haven't done outfit posts in a while, hopefully I'll be able to shoot them this weekend!


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Instagram Lately

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So, yesterday I was in a great mood. I had my second driving lesson which went okay (apart from driving onto the verge at one point!) then my first dance lesson on my new modern solo which I'm working towards for a  competition in February. And just generally felt really happy. Whereas today, I woke up at 8:18 (random time to set my alarm but hey ho) and started 1 out of 4 essays by 9:15. Then worked continuously on Classics essays and an English essay until about 4 andd I still haven't finished 1 out of my 3 classics essay...Then I thought 'Oh, I'll take some blog photos' so set up a make-shift tripod and varied aperture, flash and lighting for about an hour to attempt to get some good photos however they all failed quite a bit. So now, I'm coming to you with an 'instagram lately' post just to show you what I've been doing lately, apart from essays! 
I'm also now watching a speech by Tavi Gevinson in the Sydney Opera House which is pretty inspiring. So that's something positive about my pretty boring day!

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Recently Reading

First of all, excuse the quality of the photo's, I've been an incredibly bad blogger and 'misplaced' my SD card so had to take them on my phone. This post is just a catch-up on what I am reading and will be reading throughout the year. 
 Actually I should have put this in the photo as well - Blogs! I have become recently obsessed with reading all the blogs I follow on the Bloglovin app, it's so easy to read each new post as it comes and on the go.

Teen Vogue - I have been subscribed to Teen Vogue since February 2011 and since then every year my grandma and grandpa get me a years subscription for my birthday. I just love every issue so much, it brightens my day when I get home and it is sitting by the door for me. I haven't fully read this issue yet but I was very happy with Ariana Grande being on the front cover as I love her album and her fashion sense, I would say she is one of my girl crush's at the moment! Teen Vogue always have such innovative idea's and this being the social media issue they seem to have exceeded my expectations once again. I'm extremely happy to have this subscription for another year.

Rookie Yearbook Two - This is one of the books that whenever I see it (or the first edition)  I just look over it until someone comes and pulls me away. I asked for it for my birthday after being reminded of it through Ellie's post so Madeleine and Matthew got it for me. I love it. I can't really describe how much I love it. It is supeeer thick so I haven't fully read through it yet but it seems just so cool. There are so many intriguing and thought-provoking articles and the photoshoots look amazing. The layout seems perfect and overall I'm just so excited to be able to read through this fully then have it there to come back to all the time for inspiration and shizzzz.

IT by Alexa Chung - I have wanted this book since before it came out and my friend Chilli got me it for our friends Secret Santa. I love Alexa and love her even more after this book. Even though its extremely random and I would say there wasn't a huge amount of content I really enjoyed it. The pictures and the insight to what Alexa Chung thinks was really interesting. I read it all in one night the first day I got it and I definitely think I already need to re-read it. Can I have Alexa's wardrobe please?

Company - I've bought every issue since August 2012 and have just renewed my subscription. Company is such a great magazine purely for the fact that is made in London, has super cool content and is made for a target audience with bloggers (like me!) in mind. They are very present online all the time and I'm a part of the Company Collective on facebook which is a great group to be a part of to give our input whether it be cover stars, favourite bloggers or choosing the design of the spine. This Paris issue has made me want to go to Paris soooooo much. I just really want to 'pop' there for a day or so in the summer and just enjoy all the tourist-y things and then the not so tourist-y things!

So that is a quick peek into my bookshelf at the moment, hope you enjoyed it and it wasn't too long and too boring! 
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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Celebrating My 17th Birthday

For my birthday on Saturday I had such a lovely day, My parents surprised me with my first driving lesson to start the day off. I was initially very nervous but it was so fun! I think I went incredibly slowly and my steering wasn't great but - I didn't stall! Then Madeleine my mum and I travelled up to London. We spent a while wondering around Selfridges lusting over all the expensive bags from Chanel, Murberry and Hermes then settled ourselves in 'The Corner' restaurant. We had massive pieces of cake and scones with coke and tea. Trust me to have an embarrassing moment - I picked up my glass of coke to have my first sip and the bottom of the glass just caved, it fell on the floor meaning all the coke in the glass went all over me. Luckily it mostly went on my leather jacket, not my new skort but it was so embarrassing! We then walked along busy Oxford street to Topshop to go to the photobooth but...typically it was closed. To finish off the London trip we wondered around Liberty's. Madeleine was especially excited as she watched the recent television programme on it so knew all the knowledge about certain things. In the evening I stuffed myself in Prezzo with my family. Overall I had such an amazing birthday and I'm really sad it's over!

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Seventeen Forever

Wearing - Skort and T-shirt - Asos. Top (collar shown) and Shoes - New Look.  Socks - Forever 21.
So, I am now 17! I have another post going up about my trip to London but I though I would show you the outfit I wore first. I ordered this Skort and Top from Asos earlier in the week with the hope that they would come in time for my birthday. I love love love this skort, its just fab. I love the fact it's high waisted, the 'fold' effect is quite subtle and the material makes me feel like it's really smart but it can be dressed down. It's also realllllly comfortable. I wore another top from New Look under the T-shirt to create the 'collar' effect. Then I wore my trusty low denier tights and knee high socks. I really loved this outfit and I'm sure you will be seeing plenty more of this skort! 
Right, I need to go and get a start on some homework and write some more of this English coursework that is going to take over my life during the next month.


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Like an old song on the radio, That you grew up to and everybody knows

 Wearing: Top,  jeans, shirt - Forever 21. Socks and Scarf - M&S. Boots - Office.
I'm wearing jeans for the very first time (I think) on my blog. I'm just not that big fan of them. I don't find them too comfortable and I don't really like how the look on my legs but I found these black gems in forever 21 for £12 so thought, why not break out of my habit? I also got this shirt, my love affair with tartan is continuing and I think it will be continuing for a while, I've wanted a shirt for a while but wanted one that would go with most of my clothes - a black and white one - and this jumped out at me as perfect from forever 21. 
I'm having a bit of an obsession with online shopping at the moment , even though I didn't need to buy this skort and this T-shirt from Asos the 20% off for my birthday ( turning 17 on Saturday!) just tempted me a little too much! I go back to school tomorrow which does seem a lot of effort but after continuous watching of Gossip girl the last couple of days it will probably do me good to get out of the house!
Once again, Can I be Blair Waldorf please?

 Now Playing - You Sound Good to Me by Lucy Hale - Love love LOVE this song!


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tumblr Lovin'

All Photo's from Tumblr
I've been wanting to do a tumblr 'inspired' post for a while now as I have been so obsessed with Tumblr over the recent months. It is just so easy to scroll down whenever you want on the app. Quite often if I'm fully up-to-date on all social media I spend twenty minutes scrolling through and falling in love with every other picture or saying. So therefore here are some of the recent photo's that I've been loving, as you can tell I'm a big fan on Black & White. I just think it adds a simple classic effect that with monochrome outfits it looks super cool (yes, super!) Anyway, I better start my fun day of catching up on all the school work that I've been putting off over the holidays. On the plus side, it's my birthday in just under a week!

P.S. I need some new albums/artists to listen to, Comment any recommendations!

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