Sunday, 19 January 2014

Instagram Lately

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So, yesterday I was in a great mood. I had my second driving lesson which went okay (apart from driving onto the verge at one point!) then my first dance lesson on my new modern solo which I'm working towards for a  competition in February. And just generally felt really happy. Whereas today, I woke up at 8:18 (random time to set my alarm but hey ho) and started 1 out of 4 essays by 9:15. Then worked continuously on Classics essays and an English essay until about 4 andd I still haven't finished 1 out of my 3 classics essay...Then I thought 'Oh, I'll take some blog photos' so set up a make-shift tripod and varied aperture, flash and lighting for about an hour to attempt to get some good photos however they all failed quite a bit. So now, I'm coming to you with an 'instagram lately' post just to show you what I've been doing lately, apart from essays! 
I'm also now watching a speech by Tavi Gevinson in the Sydney Opera House which is pretty inspiring. So that's something positive about my pretty boring day!

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  1. Looking like you've been doing loads recently! I've given you a follow on Instagram!! Gisforgingers xx


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