Friday, 24 January 2014

My Favourite Apps

So, today I thought I would do a quick post on my favourite apps. I did attempt to take artsy photo's on my camera of my phone but this was during my Sunday afternoon failure of taking photo's so I come to you with a screenshot. As you can see, my background is the beautiful Empire State Building in New York because, just why not?
Twitter - twitter,twitter,twitter. Will I ever get bored of it? I follow so many people (friends,celebrities,bloggers,vloggers,shops and just so many) that it is continuously updating. So if I go to dinner, there will be plenty more to look at after so that you can never get bored. This is also a great way to interact with other bloggers which I love to do!
Instagram - A way I like to describe this is 'twitter but with photos.' It's a constant feed of pictures. Which can vary to who you follow. I follow lots and lots of bloggers so I see their outfits constantly, then I follow lots of celebrities (Who doesn't?) also a lot of dancers then all my friends. I love posting my photo's on here, whether they're my recent outfits or pictures of my new make-up or even my food!
Tumblr - This is the ultimate app for procrastination. I can scroll through many different photos for ever and ever then 'reblog' them onto my own platform. There are lots of inspiring quotes and pictures, which are my favourite to 'reblog.' Then pictures or gifs from movies or TV shows (my favourite is Gossip Girl gifs) Then photo's of gorgeous girls and food! Make sure you follow mine here and send me your links!
Snapchat - This is the most random yet simple yet genius app known to man.If you don't know what it is, basically it's just app where you can send photo's to your friends for up to 10 seconds. It's just such a fun way of communicating with your friends, and one of the most common ways I do nowadays.
Bloglovin - The bloglovin' app is the easiest way to scroll through many of my favourite blogs on-the-go. It has definitely in the last couple of weeks become one of the first apps I go on when I wake-up! It's a shame you can't get notifications etc on it but it's a super quick and easy way to keep up with blogs.
Blogger - This blogger app is pretty useful. Although I don't make posts on here I find it useful for transferring photo's from my phone to the computer. It's just a useful app to use occasionally! (how many times can I write useful in one sentence?)
Afterlight - This is my favourite photo apps for editing photos. I use it to edit mostly all my instagram photo's. My favourite effect at the moment is 'wicker.' It feels like it's a perfect filter for a cosy winter feel on a photo, if you can get that from a photo effect...
Youtube - Last but not least...Youtube! I constantly check this app to see if any of my new favourite youtubers have uploaded a new video and get so excited if they have. I've become addicted to youtube in the last six months and haven't looked back. Although I don't think my English Coursework has appreciated it!

So that is it, my favourite Apps! Hope you've liked this random post and have not found it too boring. I'm liking these favourite type posts recently so think I may do a favourite youtube channels/youtubers posts soon, What do you think?

P.S. I know I haven't done outfit posts in a while, hopefully I'll be able to shoot them this weekend!


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  1. Ah you get so many app with iPhones! :D I did a post about my windows phone apps a while ago too Gisforgingers xx


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