Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Celebrating My 17th Birthday

For my birthday on Saturday I had such a lovely day, My parents surprised me with my first driving lesson to start the day off. I was initially very nervous but it was so fun! I think I went incredibly slowly and my steering wasn't great but - I didn't stall! Then Madeleine my mum and I travelled up to London. We spent a while wondering around Selfridges lusting over all the expensive bags from Chanel, Murberry and Hermes then settled ourselves in 'The Corner' restaurant. We had massive pieces of cake and scones with coke and tea. Trust me to have an embarrassing moment - I picked up my glass of coke to have my first sip and the bottom of the glass just caved, it fell on the floor meaning all the coke in the glass went all over me. Luckily it mostly went on my leather jacket, not my new skort but it was so embarrassing! We then walked along busy Oxford street to Topshop to go to the photobooth but...typically it was closed. To finish off the London trip we wondered around Liberty's. Madeleine was especially excited as she watched the recent television programme on it so knew all the knowledge about certain things. In the evening I stuffed myself in Prezzo with my family. Overall I had such an amazing birthday and I'm really sad it's over!

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