Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Fake it until you make it

Jumper - M&S. Jeans - Topshop. Jacket and Boots - New Look. 

I'm weird. I'm sometimes shy. I'm sometimes loud. I sometimes dance in the middle of the kitchen, sing my heart out to random songs or make the weirdest noises when I'm bored. But, that's me. And back home people knew I was odd but in a way I was always scared of people judging me, not wanting to be friends with me and just avoiding me if I acted myself. However at Uni, I'm surrounded by these guys 24/7 that I have had to be nothing but myself, and they accept that (or at least I think they do.) They ignore my random outbursts of dance, laugh at my singing and (I hope to think) appreciate my loudness. Within the first week they knew that I like to be organised - I'm always the one asking questions on the group chat. I am very clumsy - Freshers week was a whole new level, I think they were surprised that we didn't end up in A&E by the end of the week. I can be very loud - when I don't know people I can act two ways, I can be quiet and go on my phone and ignore the world around me or I can be loud and ask the most random questions to fill the silence, and that's what I had to do. Now we're all comfortable with each other and they know me and I know them, I've loved just being myself. I feel the most confident I have ever felt, being thrown into a sea of unknown people means you have to fake confidence. "Fake it until you make it" I faked confidence when I arrived but throughout the last five weeks I have actually become confident in myself.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

My Week in Photos #8

Gosh, it feels like a while since I last blogged. I've got into a routine now here at Uni, I've got into the swing of things having settled well and found my feet. However one thing I've still left out of my routine is my blog so to try and ease myself back into it I'm going to return to my good old weekly round up.
This week was another busy but good week. Tuesday evening was exciting as one of the friends I've made at Uni, Arjun, returned from being away for two weeks so we threw him a small welcome back party which was just lovely as it reminded me of freshers week but we're all so much more comfortable with each other now its easier to relax and have a good time. Wednesday night I had a cheerleading social where we went bowling, it was fun but I did manage to get the worst score out of everyone, a good solid 33 (when the person who one our game got 108...).
On Thursday morning I had to travel home briefly to visit the physio which meant I could have lunch with my mum. Which was lovely, it meant I had such good food (seriously, if you live near St Albans, you need to go to The Waffle House asap) and could spend some time with my mum which was so lovely because I used to spend so much of my time with her and she was a constant in my life. However coming to uni has obviously changed that, I haven't really been homesick but nevertheless seeing her made me happy. 
 On Friday evening, after a tough three and a half hours of cheer practice a couple of us went to this random bar called 'Silk Stockings.' It only opened three weeks ago but it was such a lovely find, it served great cocktails (if you picked the right one) had lovely waiters and a pleasing decor, we were all happy that we ventured to a new place for a night out doing something different. I spent yesterday afternoon at 'Tumble camp' which was so hard but so rewarding, after just doing Cheerleading for a couple of weeks I can already see an improvement in my fitness, strength and skills! Yesterday evening had to be spent having some a bath and watching a film in bed, just what I needed!
This next week seems very busy, but that's just what I like. I seem to have a thing where I overwork myself, at school I was always stretched between dancing and schoolwork and here it's no different. There is so much more work, cheer is very intense meaning I'm struggling to write my blog, yet alone the uni magazine! However I know at some point it will all slot into place, I'd much rather be too busy that too bored. Hope your weeks all turn out to be fab, I cannot believe it's nearly November!

Now Reading // I've just started Reading Frankenstein for one of my modules and am liking it so far.
Now watching // Still Reign - I love it!
Now Listening // I've got Jamie Lawson's album on repeat.


Thursday, 8 October 2015


Top - M&S. Skirt, Shoes - New Look. 

It’s weird, my life has changed so much in the past three weeks that I don’t know how to write here anymore. I was in such the swing of blogging over the summer as I prepared to move but now I’ve got here and I’m having the time of my life but I’m struggling to write. It’s also time management, most of the time I’m reading, at cheer practice, or just sitting and chatting to my friends (most of the time with a little bit of alcohol…) And because we’ve got into the habit of just sitting in the kitchen chatting when none of us have much to do, that would be the time I would blog. However I don’t want to miss out, we’re still all getting to know each other and I just love spending time with them!
This outfit gives me a kind of seventies vibe, I think it’s the A-line skirt matched with the roll neck. I really want to start wearing my roll neck more but it has just been too warm! Which I know I shouldn’t say as in two weeks I’ll probably be complaining about how cold it is but I can’t wait to crack out my woolly jumpers and scarves! Hope your having a good week, hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of blogging soon!

Now Watching // Reign - I love it, history and drama mixed into one!

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