Thursday, 6 June 2013

Spring into Summer

 Wearing: Shorts- Forever 21. Jumper - Republic. Shoes - New Look. Sunglasses - Accessorize.
I cannot wait for the summer nights. Where it's a bit chilly but still warm enough to be in shorts and you can just stay outside talking, laughing or just being silly dancing as my sister and I probably would until late evening. When the next day seems miles away. Where you don't have anything planned for the next day but you're excited because you know that you've got a whole summer ahead of care-free days. 
Anyway, I still have two more weeks until that's me, everyone's counting down how many exams they have left '...2,4,3' and then there's me along with other people who chose to do Latin with 6 left. I have two massive set texts I need to know off by heart for that exam. But lets not dwell on that because...WE HAVE SUN. It was so lovely to revise whilst lounging on the trampoline and attempting to get a tan (and not burn like I did yesterday!)
I was very excited to style these shorts from Forever 21 as they are just so cute and girly and a gorgeous coral colour which I decided to dim down with this jumper from Republic that I got a couple of years a go. This outfit was so comfy and convenient for the weather, I was a big fan! 
I'm quite hyper as I write this, not too sure why but oh well, you got a lot of writing for once!

Are you excited for late summer evenings? How would you style these shorts?
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  1. I'm 100% with you there...summer just brings out just a happy, carefree mood in everyone! I remember revising outside too, it's the only way to make it that little bit bearable haha

    The shorts are so super cute and perfect for summer!
    Sinead xo
    ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  2. ahhh i can't wait until exams are over too! love the shorts!



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