Saturday, 8 March 2014

Recent Outfit Grids...

 'Outfit grids' have slowly been making their way into the blogging world for bloggers to shoot outfits or ideas for outfit when they A) Can't be bothered to get out of their pyjama's/their bed B) When their mkaeu-up and hair isn;t going to plan or C) When the weather is absolutely disgusting and any form of photo's would be horrific.
I choose C.
The weather this sunday was disgusting. I had planned a big fashion shoot in the woods for my photography (also to shoot a cheeky outfit post) but because of the rain and dark grey sky I couldn't do it. Therefor meaning I am going be two week's behind in my photography schedule but was I was more dissapointed about was being unable to shoot one of my new pieces from Forever 21. Obviously, I need to get my priorites straight. (I think Jordan is rubbing off on me - I'm doing Harry Potter references in my blog posts!) I travelled to London on Saturday to go and get some new pointe shoes from the Covent Garden Bloch shop and ended up going to Forever 21 with my mum. I've got a 'school formal' meal thing coming up as well as a few parties so I was on the hunt for something to wear. And I came out with three!
My first one is the most casual of the three. A thin polka dot skater dress with a cut out bit of lace. It fits perfectly and can either be dressed up or down. I decided to be a bit in between and make it more casual by pairing it with my New Look denim jacket and my wedged trainers. It's quite a spring outfit but I figure I can wear sheer tights if needed.
My second one is also quite a spring/summer outfit. I have wanted a playsuit for a while and I am delighted that I came across this one. They are such versatile pieces that once again - can be dresses up or down. I dresses it up here with these shoes from Boohooo and watch from Asos. But it could be easily dressed down being worn under s knit jumper with tights.
I'm now off to a dance competition as well as trying to complete the mammoth amount of homwork I have. Have a good weekend!

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