Friday, 7 November 2014

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Blouse: Asos. Jacket and Skirt: New Look. Shoes: H&M. Socks: Forever21

TGIF! I am so so thankful it's Friday, the week seemed never-ending. I don't know why though as we just had a break from school but it already seem ages ago. I suppose the novelty of being Year 13 has worn off and it's just settling into the same old routine. It's also been the stress of people talking about Uni and their offers etc buuuuut, my UCAS has been sent off! I finally sent it off this afternoon, so the waiting game starts!
One thing this week that has been a positive is dancing, on Monday night I had my normal Contemporary and Jazz classes and I'm not sure why as it was not much different to usual, but I loved them! I couldn't really stop smiling, even when in the Jazz warm-up my legs were shaking and I was completely out of breath. Then yesterday between Ballet and Modern, I took my friends Emily and Becky to drive-through MacDonald's and we ended up in one of those giggly moods where everything was funny. Weeks like this remind me why I dedicate so much time to my childhood hobby; for the rush you get whilst dancing and for the people who are there who make it just so special.
This outfit is a flashback to half term and I cannot actually remember when/ where I wore it! I think it was from this vlog when I went shopping with my mum. I felt like a schoolgirl in my knee high socks, my actual school shoes and my blouse but I'm not going to lie in saying I quite liked it!
Hope your weekend is fab, I'm going to celebrate it this evening with pizza, because why not?

Now Playing// Literally haven't listened to any other music apart from Taylor Swift's 1989 since it came out - be expecting a lot of 1989 blog post title references!




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