Tuesday, 11 October 2011

This is me.

This is me, Christina Storey.  I am taking Natalie Hormilla's advice ( from the Teen Vogue handbook) and starting my own blog which will mostly be on fashion but also photography, culture, media, music and cooking could be featured. I intend to get this blog well-known even if it is just through-out my school or dance school. I went to Radio 1's 'teen awards' on Sunday and instantly fell in love. It was absolutely amazing there were acts such as 
One Direction - AHHHH
Pixie Lott - I want to be her.
Ed Sheeran - What a great Ginger dude!
and a couple others but those were the ones that stuck in mind. People such as Fearne Cottton, Tom Felton (wooooo), Matt Lewis and Rupert Grint, Olly Murs and other celebrities were there.

'If you want to be a fashion blogger, what's stopping you? You can start your own blog tomorrow! Post the things - clothing, culture, whatever - that you wish you could see on other sites.' - Natalie Hormilla

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