Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Off to the Ballet

Wearing: Top - New Look. Skort and Watch - Asos. Shoes - Schuh.

I contemplated whether to post this outfit or not, I was really not happy with how the photo's came out. I think it was having to shoot inside with artificial light which made me really shiny, have red eye and doesn't do any favours for my hair. It also meant I was limited with angles they could be taken at etc, but I actually really like this outfit so thought why not share it anyway!

I went to watch the ballet Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake on the 1st of February (I know, I know, that was ages ago!) with lots of people from my dance school as one of the chorus was played by an ex-pupil Cordelia Braithwaite! It was such an amazing performance, the grace and elegancy of each of the dancers was spectacular and breathtaking. It was a perfect night! I loved this outfit as well. I felt it was the perfect combination of casual buuut a lil' bit dressy. Anyway, I'm feeling mentally exhausted after some long exams today but am counting down the days til half term!

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  1. I love your outfit! You look beautiful x

  2. Nice photos:)) x

  3. you look beautiful. I really wish i got tickets when it was in Cardiff! REALLY want to see Swan Lake. Never been to the ballet before.

  4. Lovely outfit- your right it is just the right mix of smart and casual Gisforgingers xx


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