Friday, 6 June 2014

Serenity // London Days #2

I have finished my exams for this year! The Friday feeling is top-notch right now, it's just so exciting! I actually have to go back to school until July so that is a bit of a bummer but that's on Wednesday so I have a little while yet! I'm so excited to have a bit of freedom from revision and exams for a while!

A bit of a random post this afternoon but if you saw my London vlog you will have seen me in a garden looking over Oxford Street. My mum and I were wondering in John Lewis ( I got very excited about some garden furniture...) when I saw a sign for a 'rooftop garden' so we went and explored to find out that it is part of their 150 years celebration. Now I felt a bit like I did in my reflections post, I think that  there is something about looking over people and being disconnected from the street that really intrigues me. It was so lovely laid out with plants everywhere and the cutest garden furniture. The English geek is me thought how it was an oxymoron/juxtaposition/contrast between the urban view that went on for miles to the green plants living in the city on the top of a massive building. There was a serenity of being away from the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest streets on London and just being a spectator. The view was spectacular - funnily enough a few days before I was saying how I've never seen London from a height (like the London eye) but I have now, and it didn't disappoint! There was something so special about this area that I just had to share! 

Now reading: I finished 'Broken hearts, Severed Heads' at the beginning of this week and LOVED it! It was such a refreshing YA novel that was slightly different to the traditional, hence why I think I liked it so much. I've got a new kindle! Thanks to my amazing parents who have replaced my old one so I plan to download Kiera Cass The One and spend all day tomorrow reading it, I've been waiting for the  final in this triology for a while!



  1. It's so beautiful up there! + I hope all your exams went well love:) x

  2. super photos and flowers:)) x


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