Wednesday, 16 November 2011

'You know you love me...xoxo Gossip Girl'

Ahhhhh, Gossip Girl!
Right..I'm talking about when it comes out in England (Wednesday 9:00 ITV2) - Don't give anything away if you've watched ahead!
The episode I've got up to is when Serena tells Dan she thought he was her love of her life. How sweet! But then she's jealous because Blair was the star in Dan's book, Inside. Dan is in love with Blair but Blair is getting married to a French Prince who has just picked Blair over his mother because Blair is pregnant with 'his' baby (and her daughter set all these ridiculous conditions and the mother agreed with them.) But the question is, Is it Chuck's baby?! And Louis (The French prince) has just found the real test but hasn't opened it, Now we think Chuck and Louis are both going/ going to go to the same psychologist!
If that isn't enough, Serena's 'cousin' Charlie ( Who is actually an actress which was hired but now is not called Ivy) is pretending she is Charlie and is now being blackmailed by a her boss who Nate is 'with.' and is also his Boss!
As you can see I think you need to watch it, Overall I think this rates above Waterloo Road, Glee, 90210 (and thats high praise!)
 ' You know you love me

xoxo Gossip Girl'
P.S I just had to.


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