Friday, 21 February 2014

New Haircut!

So, It's all gone! Well, not all of it but a fair amount of my hair has been chopped off!
You've might have seen on my instagram yesterday that I decided, after a few weeks of deliberation over cutting my hair I thought, Why not? So I went yesterday morning to the hairdressers and had it cut. The woman cutting my hair said she felt guilty for cutting it off but I was just urging her on to cut more! I had anticipated it to be a little shorter than it is but I figure I can get it cut shorter in a few weeks if I want. I'm loving it at the moment, it feels lighter on my head, It is still fairly blonde and it feels healthier!
So anyway just a quick  post to show you my hair. I'm currently trying to enjoy the last couple of days of half term. I've got a dance competition which I have had the last two evenings as well as tonight and tomorrow so that's kind of stopping me doing anything interesting in the day so I'm just chilling and tidying my room, just enjoying not being at school really!

Although I probably should shoot some outfit posts soon, hmmmmm...

Currently Watching // I Went to see 'Endless Love' last night - It was an emotional rollercoaster! It had the perfect amount of cheesiness and drama, it was like all the soppy love story's rolled in to one! I would recommend it to anyone who like The Notebook, The Vow, The Lucky One, Dear John etc



  1. Gorgeous haircut lovely! I'm hopefully going for the chop this afternoon!
    Georgia xx

  2. super new hair:)) x

    1. Thank you Bianka! I'm slowly getting used to it being short! xoxo

  3. Your new haircut looks gorgeous. It really suits you!

    1. Thank you Ellen! I'm glad you said that, I want too sure! xoxo


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