Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thoughts, Expectations and Reality

Hello, I am actually alive. I did not plan for a week and a half long hiatus from my blog, it just kind of happened. I had a busy week last week as it was the last four days of school before summer and in the evenings I had my first full run through's of my dance show (which is coming up this weekend!) then I actually *shock horror* went out to a couple of party/gatherings so it was safe to say I was pretty damn tired.
This week I have been stuck at home in the days and have been at, what feels like my second home, my dance school in the evenings. Most of my friends from school are currently having a girly holiday in Corfu which sadly I couldn't go to because of my dance show, then because of my parents working I am stuck at home accompanied by my laptop, food and television. But you may be thinking, well why haven't you blogged Christina? But the truth is, Ive been feeling quite unmotivated. As well as not having any prime time to capture good and worthy outfit photo's I felt that I couldn't post if it was not an outfit post. However today I had a little revelation, that who cares if it isn't an outfit post? If I want to blog I should! So therefor I come to you today with a post, slightly inspired by Sonja's style of blogging, that relates my life and feelings at the moment. Let me know what you think of this type of post, I'm a bit nervous about posting it but I need to break down that barrier of what I should post and what I want to post.
Photo's and Gifs from my tumblr!
A couple of weeks ago my mum and I sat down on a Sunday evening to introduce ourselves into the world of Audrey. I had seen Breakfast at Tiffany's before but that was it, before that we found lurking in the back of my grandma's cupboard the 'Ultimate Audrey Hepburn collection.' After watching Funny Face and Roman Holiday we were both pleasantly surprised! The films were funny. Much more funnier that we had both imagined, therefore she is now my queen.  And also, how on point is Audrey's eyebrow game here? 
How beautiful is Elle Fanning? I still haven't seen Maleficent but Elle has recently been on the cover of Teen Vogue and Company and both the interviews were so interesting as well as the photoshoots,  inspiring. I especially loved the Bridgette Bardot inspired look in the Teen Vogue photoshoot, Elle just pulled it off so well and looked gorgeous!
As you can probably tell - I love Black and White photo's. These two photo's just ooze the 'cool' tumblr girl feel that most girls wish they had. The grunge and effortless look of the outfit on the left and the salty beachy hair on the right hand side emphasize my need and expectations for summer. 
This photo is pure perfection. My life at the moment is heavily surrounded by the image of dance. The past couple of weeks I've had evenings in the studio that start at six and go on until ten, and that's happened at least twice a week for a good few weeks. Although they have been hard and challenging, especially dancing this much during my exam period I feel like it is all going to pay off on Sunday. Our annual dance show is this weekend and I can't even explain how excited yet nervous I am for it. I want to give my teachers justice to the dances they've created as well as do myself proud as well as not let my friends down. We've all worked so hard and I really hope, well I know, it will all pay off!

A few gifs that I feel explain my expectations and dreams of a fun filled summer contrasted with the reality of me sitting at home writing this blog post about to go drink some coffee, eat a chocolate cornflake cake, re-watch Make it or Break it whilst ironing (because I'm a lovely daughter.) Isn't my life just really exciting?
But I did upload a new youtube video earlier, make sure you check it out and subscribe, pleaseeeee!

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