Saturday, 16 August 2014

America Life Rambling

It is currently storming outside. And it has been all day so far. This is the third day in the row it has been like this. So yeah, Florida is fab when the sun is out but when a blanket of clouds blocks it, it isn't so fab. I've quickly nabbed my dad's laptop to give an update on my life and a type of photo diary through my phone post. 
I have taken so many photo's, some blog related, some photography related and others to capture memories but the problem is is that I don't have my usual editing tools on my dad's laptop so the Chicago posts will have to be delayed another week or so. However I have been taking quite a few snaps on my phone and have been frequently uploading them to Instagram so thought I would collate some together in this post. I'm rambling a lot aren't I? Bullet points may be best.
  • After a fairly sleepless Wednesday night I finally got my AS Level results at 3:30 in the morning here. The range of emotions was, and still is mixed. I was thoroughly pleased with half of my grades and disappointed in the other half, especially my History exam. But oh well, I can just try my best and pull it up next year!
  • We went to a baseball game last night to support the Tampa Bay Rays whom we've seen multiple times now. It wasn't the most exciting game but I still got into it - especially with our t-shirts - and we won!
  • Tonight we're going to an American Football game. I don't know any rules to it apart from what I learnt through films and TV shows, So could be interesting!
  • I've also done lots of shopping which I'm super excited for and am thinking possibly of a haul video when I come back?  So that is my life atm, bit of a pointless rambling post but I felt I needed to explain my life through bullet points!

From watching this video I've been reminded of one of my favourite quotes that I fancied sharing - 
“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.” 


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  1. Beautiful place and picture. I love America♥ x


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