Saturday, 17 January 2015

Instagram Lately #4

The first half of this week seemed so chill, school was only just beginning again so we didn't have much work so it was spent catching up with friends and trying to get to grips with the early morning starts! However when the second half of the week started, work very quickly crept up to me. I realised on Thursday that half of my Photography A Level and my English fiction coursework deadlines were both in exactly two weeks, and that scared me. So I spent most time locking myself in the photography room or in the 'quiet room' at school. I think my friends were surprised at how much I was working! The motivation to do well in my Alevels suddenly hit me on Wednesday afternoon and I just realised how much effort I need to put into them to get the good grade that I do really want!
So I thought I'd catch up with you with an 'Instagram lately' that spans through November to now. I haven't done one of these in a while and it's quite nice looking back at my life in pictures the last few months. I'm off to an 18th party this evening which I'm pretty darn excited for!

Now Reading // Atonement by Ian Mcewan - I've only just started this but at the moment I'm fascinated with Briony's passion for writing!


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