Saturday, 24 January 2015

Living in the Present or Contemplating the Future?

My life at the moment revolves around exams, school and preparing for university...

The past few weeks I've realised that i have been dropping in the topics related with Uni into everyday conversation. Like the fact I cannot wait to decorate my room there, like the fact it will be weird going out with new people and not any of my school friends, like the fact that I will be somewhere completely different. I will leave school in 5 months time. That in itself is very freaky, school is something that is always a constant in everyone's children years. We attend it since we were so young that you cannot remember anything different in your life. I like routine, and I like the fact that I have a specific routine very week that I rarely shy away from. My friends at school know me as being the organised one who likes to plan ahead and know what we are doing. Uni won't be like that, Uni will be full of spontaneous conversations, a bunch of new people and a lot of 'going with the flow,' it will be fun and exciting and full of new things however the prospect of leaving this small village, my school and my dance school; all things which I've known forever, is very daunting. But it's very exciting at the same time. It is bittersweet. 
In a way when I write this I realise that I need to focus on the present and put the future in the back of my mind. I need to enjoy this last five months of school (not matter how much stress they bring!) as, they are my last! I should just embrace the whole school atmosphere, embrace the vast array of people in my year, and embrace the opportunities I have to learn and grow at school. Right now I need to be doing my photography work but I had a sudden spurt of inspiration to write this post - I may or may not have just finished Girl Online by Zoella/ Siobhan Curham (awkward...) and been inspired by the blog and general fuzziness that the end brings!
Just to say, I think for the next few months I may have to turn this blog into a 'once a week' type thing, which does irritate me a bit but school comes first etc etc, I also am going to leave you with my favourite quotes/photo's I find from the week or in general life...

Now Reading // Girl Online - It was such a cute cheesy fun read!
Now Watching // Pretty Little Liars again!


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