Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Getting back to normal

So, I haven’t written in a while, and partly that’s been because my life has been so hectic and partly its because I have lost motivation/ confidence in this blog.

My life the past month or so has been extremely busy and you will have seen on my instagram. I’ve been finishing off exams (thank god their over – now for the long wait until August 13th), went on a girls holiday to Ayia Napa, had a lot of ‘end of school’ celebrations like Vale and Final Fling (Prom and a speech day/graduation type thing) then have been preparing for my dance show which happened this past weekend. I’ve been wanting to live life in the present and not worry about my blog, which is weird, I shouldn’t worry about my blog, I should be excited to write about it. But, I couldn’t really put it into words all the different emotions I felt about leaving school and dancing and in a way didn’t (and still don’t) want to come to terms with it. I am excited to go to Uni, but I am also terrified for everything to change.

For some reason in my head  I created a mental block against my blog. I would sit down to write a post and think ‘Why are you doing this?’ ‘There are so many other people who write better than you’ and ‘Your blog design looks like a child has done it.’ Therefore I just closed the window and opened Netflix to distract myself. Even with the encouragement with my friend Luke to collaborate to create a better youtube channel, I lacked motivation, and I still do.

But, my blog is my baby. I’ve nearly been running one for 4 years and I can’t give up now. It’s an odd period in my life, everything is ending but I know new beginnings are around the corner, and I want to document that and be able to look back at exactly what was going on in my life and treasure the inbetween moments. So, I’m back, StyleStorey is back to normal (fingers crossed) and I’m seriously considering a blog redesign or even a move to wordpress, but we shall see. To symbolise the ending of multiple things to the beginning of new things these two photos are a sunset and a sunrise in Ayia Napa.

If any of you are still around, thank you for reading this and thank you sticking by me through a very bland blog break!


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  1. The beauty of blogging is that it's your own personal space and you can write about whatever you want... or not right at all if you don't feel like it - the only one making the rules is you! That's how I feel about it anyway :)

    Laura | Loved By Laura


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