Friday, 20 May 2016

The Sky Garden

Tuesday was the perfect first day of summer. Yes, that’s right, I’m already on summer. How crazy is that? I had my last exam on Monday and handed in all my final assignments last week so on Monday when the clock chimed 4:30 I couldn’t stop smiling. The last three weeks or so have been pretty stressful, I’m not going to lie but it's over and done with now. So, I’ve finished my first year at Queen Mary’s, and I cannot believe it. Time flew by and I’ve learnt so much – but that’s all for another post! For now, I’m back blogging, I’m feeling inspired and I’ve even got a new blog design!

So on Tuesday myself, Alice and Abbie (shout out to my two favourite English girls who made my first year fab) had a good old ‘London day’ to celebrate. We started with slightly sore heads from the night before so recovered with some much needed pancakes at The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields – If you’ve never been to The Breakfast Club, I honestly urge you to go there right away, it serves the best breakfast, especially the pancakes!
We then headed to The Sky Garden – a garden on the 35th floor of 20 Fenwich Street which has a 360 degree view of London. You wander among the green plants in the garden, stare out at view on the open air terrace and sit in the café all while marvelling at the views surrounding you. What I loved about it was the calm atmosphere, it allowed you to catch a breath. I love London, but it is always so busy and fast paced but when you are up high staring at these marvelous landmarks it takes your breath away. I felt a calming sense come across me, I’m just a teenage girl in this massive city but staring at the streets from above, you feel a slight power that's hard to describe. I loved being able to see all the landmarks, I’ve lived in the city for about 8 months now and rarely do tourist things, but whenever I travel into central or see the landmarks I’m reminded why I love the city. Right in front of the open air terrace you had a magnificient view of the Shard, but if you looked carefully in the distance at one point you could spot Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament – showing that although London has some beautifully modern buildings, it is still so full of history! I even shot a little video of out day if you want to check it out below. The Sky Garden is definitely one of my favourite places in the city. 

It was the perfect day to celebrate finishing my first year. Although I am staying in London until June it just reminded me how much I love this city and how I certainly made the right decision to come to Queen Mary's!

I hope life is good with all of you, and I once again apologise for the absence but sometimes you just need a break. Now I'm refreshed and ready as ever to make my blog professional and more me, talk soon! Christina x


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