Thursday, 2 November 2017

Hello, I'm back (well for now at least)

Since my final year of university started I've felt the need to document everything. Deep down in my gut I know this is the last year of going to Queen Mary's. The last year of living in this little random bubble where there is a grave-yard in the middle of campus and 'Red Beer' is a normal phrase thats just a part of everyday life. I felt this need so much so that I set myself a challenge - to take and post a photo on Instagram everyday of third year (this started a week or so into the year, but still!) and I am loving it. I can already look back and see what I've done this month and already relate the photos to feelings I had at that time. So I thought I'd share some with you. But sometimes photos aren't enough.

I do not do a photography degree, I do an English degree. Where everything I study is to do with words and stories. So, over the past few weeks I found myself looking back at my blog. The last time I posted here was a year ago. Where I wrote about how busy I was and how much I was loving life. Although I was loving life then, I was struggling as well - and thats a part of university life that isn't talked about very much.

I want to come back to this blog. I want to write my thoughts, anecdotes and random ramblings down. However, I don't want to feel pressure to post, to write beautiful amazing things, to take incredible photo's or to get this many page views. I'm writing for myself. I'm writing because this year has already been full of ups and downs and why not write about this for the internet to see. But also for me to look back on. I love looking back on my old posts from sixth form and even earlier - I remember specific moments when photos were taken or how I was feeling when I wrote a post. And I crave that now. I crave writing about my life. I crave oversharing everything on this random corner of the internet that not many people will see. 

So, I write this after an ish-productive morning in the library (however I am supposed to be reading an essay at this moment...) Who knows how much I'll post, but for now, Stylestorey is back. (even though I cringe at that name now!)

If you do want to check out my Instagram find it here!

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