Sunday, 25 November 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Review

I haven't done a film review on my blog in a while so thought after an afternoon out at the cinema with my mother I would review the AMAZING Breaking Dawn Part 2 and last in the Twilight Saga.
I was quite apprehensive  yet beyond excited to go and  watch this as I had heard there was a 'twist' and after even being told by my friend who is a twi-hard (I just has to say it, despite the cringe!) it made it 100% better, I still wasn't too sure. Although I do think I didn't want to go as it means the end of twilight! However when 'twist' happened my jaw literally dropped, Its true that it did make it 100% better and gave it more depth into the storyline.
I thought it had a great range of funny,emotional and happy moments. It followed the book very well and in the ending credits when they referred back to the books which just made my heart warm. After seeing the first part of Breaking Dawn I reread the book, in three days. Which if you know is quite a beasty book!
Anyway I absolutely loved this film, it was the perfect ending to the whole 5 films. It acknowledged the fact that it was the end by having the end credits going through each character it was just amazing with Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years' playing in the background, just thinking of it gets me emotional that its the end of the series!


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