Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Liebster Award!

Hello! So I have been nominated by three people for the 'Liebster Award.' Thanks you To Jasmine, Lucy and PrettyLusciousThings.

The Rules

You must post 11 random facts about yourself & answer the 11 questions from the person who chose you. You must also create a new set of 11 questions for who you tag. You must tag 11 bloggers with under 200  followers and let them know. You cannot tag them back. 

I've decided that because of the three people I will skip the 11 facts and answer just the questions from each person, I hope that's alright!

So my first person is Jasmine from vintagerosethoughts

Do you like eBay? What's the best item you've bought from there?
I do quite like Ebay but can't say I've bought anything from there, my mum has though - she loves it!
How long have you been blogging for?
I've been blogging for about a year and a month.
Do you have an aim with your blog, e.g to reach 400 followers?
Just to get my voice heard although I would love to have 100 followers!
What's your favourite perfume?
I love 'Just Pink' By Lacoste
Are you more likely to follow fashion bloggers or beauty bloggers?
Probably Fashion Bloggers because I am one but I Love some beauty blogs as well!
Is there anyone you look up to in the blogging world? Who?
Well I love Isabella from viewsofnow because although she is the same age as me I think her blog and style is flawless!
What's your most shopped at place?
I would probably say New Look because it has such good price's but I would love it to be Miss Selfridge, Topshop or Urban Outfitters!
What's your favourite magazine?
Well I would say English magazine definitely Company and American, Teen Vogue!
Is there a trend that you really don't like? 
Um, I'm not that bigger fan of the suit trend but I suppose that's because I wouldn't wear it or have the opportunity to wear the trend.
What make up item do you continue to re-purchase?
I would say Scandaleyes Rimmel Mascara.

My Next questions are from Lucy from

  Why did you start blogging?
I just felt like I needed a place to share my style photo's and express and expand my knowledge of Fashion and my view of everything!
 What is your favourite shampoo and conditioner?
Well I'm actually changing quite a lot at the moment because my hair isn't responding that great to some but at the moment I'm using Tresemme although I am a fan of John Frieda.
  What is your one make up essential?
That's a hard one! I would say Powder just because it can help your skin look fresher quite quickly although I don't think I could not wear mascara.
  What is your favourite nail polish colour for Winter?
  Your middle name?
Jamie Louise - I always thought it was weird having a boys name as one but actually, I quite like it.
  What is your ideal holiday location?
New York, My favourite place in the world.
What is your favourite shoe store/brand?
Oh, That's also a hard one! I would probably say New Look just because they do good heels for good prices.
  How do you prefer to wear your hair?
I love to change it up, One day for school I have a pony tail but I always like to incorporate a plait somewhere in it.
Your favourite make up brand?
Rimmel, I always tend to buy most things from there as they are good quality and a good price.
What is your one hope for a Christmas present this year?
Not going to lie, I haven't really thought about it yet! Probably clothes and money as I got my camera for my birthday last year.
  What is your dream job and why?
My dream Job would be editor of Teen Vogue because I find it such an inspirational magazine for young people who want to get into fashion and I love Amy Astley. I would just find it an amazing job.

My next set of questions are from
 Why did you start blogging?
I just felt like I needed a place to share my style photo's and express and expand my knowledge of Fashion and my view of everything!
What is the biggest misconception that people have about your blog or blogging?
Some people think its something I don't take very seriously but actually I love it and find it challenging to keep updating it.What would you like to see more of/less of on blogs?
I'd love to see More Advice on how to wear thing!
 Favourite cringe worthy band or film your too embarrassed to tell people you like?
I can't really think of one!
 Who is your ultimate ideal man/women & why?
Well I'd loved to be Fearne Cotton! Se has a radio show, and awesome sense of fashion and a celebrity status without being too crazy. 
Where are you based?
In a village about a 40 mins train ride away from London
If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live & why?
New York. I love the atmosphere and all the fashion inspiration there
 What make-up look or hairstyle is your go-to style?
Well my make-up used to be fairly simple but I am now loving the eyeliner on my top lid, also having my hair down and straightened is quite a go-to look.
Who is a style icon to you?
I have quite a few. I love Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfield. But I also love Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton and Jade from Little Mix.
 Shoes or Handbags?!
Favourite quote or saying? 
'life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain' 
Oh,and 'A pocketful of Dreams'

My Questions:
Describe Your blog in three words!
What's your favourite fashion Magazine?
Coffee or Tea? 
Skirts or Shorts?
Do you take fashion inspirations from celebrities or bloggers and catwalks?
If You could live one Celebrity's life who would it be?
If you could have a celebrity's wardrobe's who would it be?
Where do you like to online shop the most?
Do you watch Youtube Vloggers?
Iphone or Blackberry?
What do you think of Pinterest?

I tag:

I hope you have enjoyed this most even though there was a lot of writing! Please check out all of those blogs and tweet me @stylestorey when you've done your questions!


  1. Great Post. I love these Liebster Award tags. :)

    1. Thank you - Yes same as you find out a lot of stuff you don't know about :) xox

  2. New look do absolutely amazing shoes I agree! Fab tag post :)


    1. Yeahh, Ane they're such good prices! Thank you xox


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