Wednesday, 7 May 2014


 A moment of clarity. Head in the clouds. Standing over everyone.  I stood there, surrounded by my family and a bunch of strangers as a wave of peace flew over me. Standing over the ground, in this odd tower was an intriguing feeling. I felt like I was abroad: In some foreign country up a national treasure looking out at a historical city. Looking out at the sea, I could have been anywhere. The line between the sky and the sea was hazy, the view was neverending. The sea is such a scary prospect, its full of the unknown. But should we be scared of the unknown or excited for the opportunities it could bring? It's odd how at just reflecting on the view from the top so many things pop up in my mind. The buildings look like their own sea. The roads wind between the stones and the speckles that represent the cars could be small insects. Standing on top of this tower I felt authoritative. Although I was uncertain about what this view led to, I felt power and peace in my heart.

I don't really know why and how this piece of writing came out of me but on Sunday my family and I travelled to Portsmouth to see Matthew and celebrate his 20th birthday. We enjoyed a meal at Strada before going up the 'Spinnaker Tower.' - Basically a small version of that hotel in Dubai. The view from it was amazing and looking back at it gave me so many different feelings that I thought I would summarise in a different piece of writing compared to normal. It's nice to keep things fresh and new sometimes!
My life is normal really - school work is dragging and the thought of exams next weeks freaks me out but then the thought of study leave is very exciting! It's rare that I blog spontaneously in the middle of the week but I had a sudden urge to, I miss it!
How's your week going? What do you think about my little writing spree?



  1. I love this! The photos are so wonderful and then the writing is killer! So great!

  2. the view and your writing are amazing! i loved this post! :)


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