Friday, 28 August 2015

End of Summer Playlist

I'm having a bit of a thing with music. I go through little obsessions. Whether it be a tv show, a film, or a book but - I've caught up with all tv shows and can't wait for their new seasons to start, I'm bored with my dvd collection and I'm struggling to get into any book since holiday - so I turned to music, and I'm loving it. Maybe it's because I just came back from V or maybe its because new music artists have been emerging and are really upping their game. I've put together an 'End of summer' playlist because people are starting back at school, the weather is getting worse and autumnal clothes are being introduced - the end of summer is coming! 
So have a listen if you fancy, and why not give me a follow over on Spotify because even though I don't update my spotify that regularly I might start! Also talking about following and all that, I made a Facebook page linked to my blog the other day I would really love it if you could like it here - I thought it would be a good way for people who don't have instagram of twitter to keep up with my blog. Hope your friday is going well, after spending most of the day yesterday in the pub (and not having one alcoholic drink because I was driving) and the night before on a boat party on the Thames I am having a quiet day at home doing admin and cleaning my room to recollect myself before an exciting weekend with friends!



  1. Stole the Show is SUCH A GOOD SONG. Been on repeat in my car everywhere I go.

    Killer playlist!

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ intergalactic glitter monster

  2. Marvin Gaye has been stuck in my head for days! It is a great track though <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  3. I'm literally addicted to Marvin Gaye and Trap Queen (which I find myself embarrassingly singing at work on an almost daily basis haha). I loved this post! This actually really inspired me to post something similar, with links back to this post of course :) Have a lovely day!


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