Sunday, 9 August 2015

My week in photos #1

One type of blog post that I love to read are 'round-up' of the week posts, like Sophie's and Suzie's, that I've decided I'm going to introduce a feature of a weekly post summing up my week in pictures! As I love taking pictures but am not a fan of overloading my Instagram, this series will feature the photos that haven't quite made it onto my Instagram (because it's that important to have a good feed...) 

On Monday morning Madeleine, Matthew and I woke up during the early hours to fly to Sicily and meet our parents. When we were eagerly sat on the plane waiting to take off we could see the sun rising from our window (Madeleine filmed a really cool time lapse on her phone as we were taking off) The excitement of going on holiday finally hit me on the plane - although I did sleep most of the way!

So all this week I've been in Sicily with my family and have just been loving some chilled out quiet time. Most days we sunbathe by the pool after a delicious breakfast (I mean, look at that flat-lay, every bloggers dream!) then either saunter to the beach for the afternoon or continue lying by the pool. Before either going out to eat or staying in and playing cards, along with some family laughs as well as quarrels! However on Friday we decided to venture into the city of Palermo to have a bit of sightseeing. We got on a bus after a long walk and enjoyed an hour's tour around the city. I found that some sights in Palermo very random but picturesque and cute, what you imagine an Italian street to be! Whenever we come to Italy it's always very random but works well for us. After being absolutely fried on the top deck of the bus we went to a quaint restaurant for a much needed cold Coke, a slice of pizza and a scoop of ice cream - there really isn't anything better than Italian ice cream! 

It has been such a lovely quiet week spent laughing with my family, sweltering in the sun and eating my weight in carbs! I'm glad I've got another few days here before the nerves of results day really kick in! 



  1. A beautifully put together post :) I always enjoy week in picture posts too!

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. Omg, anything 2 have more of your pictures is allllll right in my books! This all sounds so fun. I'm still sitting in my bed eating chips. AT least, you're definitely motivating me to get out of bed more!!!!!

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ sonjatitanic


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