Saturday, 12 April 2014

My Trip to Russia


First of all let me apologise for the extremely photo-heavy post. With six days in Russia it just had to be done. Second, let me apologise from the absence from the blog - I got back from Russia Wednesday night, recovered Thursday and had a dance competition Friday!
So now I am here, with a major post talking about my fab trip to Russia. I had such a good time!  I had so many laughs with some great friends, got to know some people better and actually learned a fair amount more of Russian history. We spent 3 days in Moscow then travelled on an overnight train which interesting experience, then spent 3 days in St Petersburg before travelling home. 
 These photo's are just an abundance of different photo's, showing some of the churches and palace's we went to, they were all so impressive on the outside and inside. Filled with beautiful patterns and colours. We were so lucky with the weather; although it was snowing on the first day we got there it was actually okay. It was bitterly cold but we were prepared for that with many layers, when we got to St.Petersburg the sun was shining very brightly. We got told that they normally only have 40 days in the whole year that the sun shines and it was  for the three days we were there! It made the whole city liven up and the reflections on the rivers were beautiful.
I mostly stuck with my roommate Vicky and my two other friends Ella and Olivia. We had some extremely funny moments with dancing in the street, random laughing breakdown in restaurants and stressful moments with the language barrier. I also got to know some other people in my year better which was lovely, I always think there is something special when you get to know people better.
One thing I didn't learn was much Russian, it's so difficult to understand! I can vaguely remember 'Thank you' and 'Good Morning' but that's about it!
I had such an amazing trip that is fulled with memories, I am so grateful I could go!
Have you ever been to Russia?/ Want to go?

I would be absolutely thrilled if you could perhaps nominate me for the best teen fashion blog for the Company Style Blogger Awards , I don't expect at all to be on the shortlist or anything but I figure I might as well try! I'm going to be nominating some of my favourite blogs as well so get thinking and nominate here.

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  1. I'm so jealous that you've been to Russia! It looks like such an amazing place and your photos are beautiful. Lovely!

  2. wow your trip looks amazing, i think the first picture is my favourite! it sounds like you had a great time :)
    i'd love to go to russia some day, it looks so lovely!

  3. I love these pictures so much! I've always wanted to visit Russia and see the gorgeous St. Basil's Cathedral! I'm glad you had fun! x

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun, The first and second picture are my favorites ^_^ Thats crazy that Russia only gets forty days of sunshine a year.

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥


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