Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring Vibes

Wearing: Top - Urban Outfitters. Skirt - Boohoo. Jacket and Shoes - New Look. Necklace - Market in Russia

These photo's are a prime example of the lengths I go through for this blog...
So yesterday evening I actually ventured out the house - something I haven't done in a while as revision is slowly swallowing me up whole - to go see Divergent with Bryony and Ella. Oh my days, that film. I have been waiting for it for ages and it fully lived up to my expectations, I came out of it just in a daze. It. Was. So. Good. And now I want to go and reread all the books!
But back to the story, I decided to wear my new skirt from Boohoo with my Urban Outfitters blouse and thought I might as well look for a different outfit location so drove five minutes until I found this wooden fence that looked perfect. After realising there were stinging nettles in front of it I traipsed through two other gates to get into the field for the wooden one. However I was in such a hurry I didn't look where I was going and ran straight into about 5 inches of mud! Well, at least I hope it was mud...So these photo's were taken with extremely muddy boots and in a rush as I had to go home before going to the cinema and I was already running late. 
So that is my recent clumsy saga. I'm currently having a product lunch break from revision, sat here blogging, purchasing some new albums, eating lunch at staring out at the sun. Although I'm revising the sun makes it feel like life is pretty darn great at the moment!

I would be absolutely thrilled if you could perhaps nominate me for the best teen fashion blog for the Company Style Blogger Awards , I don't expect at all to be on the shortlist or anything but I figure I might as well try! I'm going to be nominating some of my favourite blogs as well so get thinking and nominate here.


  1. love your top and skirt! your hair is so nice too. oh the lengths we go through as bloggers haha

    xo Sarah

  2. I love this outfit so much, the skirt and the blouse is so perfect and your necklace is so super cute! I also really love your hair, so I basically love everything about these pictures. x

  3. As rushed as it might have been, these photos turned out wonderful. The sky is so amazingly blue and the area you're in is gorgeous. I love the outfit too, the shirt ad the skirt is just perfect.


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